Another triumph for Sweden? – 14.11.2017

The World Championships in Bratislava starts in December and it offers spectacular performances. Who will be the best?

Four countries dominate in the world ranking of women´s floorball national teams: Sweden at the top, Finland, Switzerland and Czech Republic. Their results from previous world championships give them a big chance to achieve another success.

St.Gallen in Switzerland organized the World Championships in 2011. Sweden confirmed its dominance by the triumph without a loss. In addition, Swedish score after final match against Finland was 102:5.

The national team of Finland won all of the games, excpet the finals, were the were defeates by the Swedish floorball players 4:2. Finland had to be satisfied with silver.

Host-country Switzerland didn´t succeed with Czech Republic and finished fourth. Czech national team won bronze medals after 2:3 victory against home team.

Two years later, in Ostrava, Sweden thanks to clear performances qualified for the final and repeated the last championships. "Three crowns" beat Finland 5:1 and completed another international victory. Other countries finished nearly identically as in St. Gallen. Finnish players were second, Switzerland won bronze medal against Czech Republic.

During the World Championships in Tampere in 2015, floorball experts expected balanced duels between the top four. In semi-finals, Finland beat national team of Czech Republic and Sweden continued to the final after win 7:3 against Switzerland.

Czech Republic challenged Switzerland in a bronze match. The second one could celebrate. The final game was between the host-country Finland and Sweden.  After draw 4:4, Sweden took antother victory after a penalty shootout.

The World Championships in Bratislava promises a lot of dramatic matches, great performances and breathtaking turnovers. So, who will be the winner? What´s your prediction?