We need to win over Finland, says coach of Czech Republic – 28.11.2017

The national team of Czech Republic wants to confirm quality and floorball players around the coach Miroslav Janovský would like to achieve a medal. Janovský talks about a recipe against strong teams and he predicts the first three places.

What is the right recipe against Finland and Switzerland?

We won against both of them, so we know that the chance exists. It´s necessary to mention that Finland and also Switzerland are better than us. If we want to succeed, we need to have an accurate and active defensive, we have to be strong with the ball and we should be efective.

Is your team ready to stop ´Northern dominance´?

We focus on two types of games: we have to win every match with worse national teams than us and we are also ready to do everything to be successful against Finland and others.

Do you want to be the first in your group?

If we want to miss Sweden in semifinal, we need to win over Finland. Unfortunately, Finnish players are in a good condition, they confirmed it at Euro Floorball Tour. We shouldn´t forget about Norway and Latvia. The match against us will be a really challenge for these countries.

Are you pleased with the strenght of the team?

We have twenty floorball players and they are ready to offer all of their qualities to succeed.

What are your the strongest parts?

We have really good goaltenders. Czech Republic has a lot of energy and predacity.

What about your weaknesses?

Our weaknesses have to be found by opponents.

Do you expect a lot of Czech fans?

We believe that many fans come to Bratislava and they support us. I think it can be ´the small home championships´ for us.

What countries will be on the first three places?

There are four countries: Sweden, Czech Republic, Finland and Switzerland. Sweden will be at the top and three national teams remain...