GM of the World Championships: The most fans come from Czech Republic – 28.11.2017

The World Championships in Bratislava starts in a few days. General manager of this event Teo Turay says how many fans should come and he explains where fans can meet their floorball idols personally.

Will there be an organized opening ceremony? What will it be about?

There will be a short opening ceremony before the first Slovak match. It will contain speech of the president of the International Floorball Federation and the mayor of Bratislava.

How can fans meet their favourite players?

Fans can meet floorball players after finished matches in a fan zone which is situated on the first floor at the Ondrej Nepela Ice Hockey Stadium.

Are you in touch with associations of the WFC 2017? From which country arrive the most fans?

Our committee send updated information to all federations about preparations of the WFC. We would like to achieve a total attendance 50, 000 spectators. This number is our goal. We suppose that the most fans come from Czech Republic, Sweden, Finland and Switzerland.

Do you want to share more information and ideas about Slovak floorball via promotional actions during the WC?

We predict that people in Slovakia will be more interested in floorball during the championships, but actually, we are focusing on the last days of preparations.

Does the WFC have any official hashtag?

Yes, the official hashtag for the WFC 2017 in Bratislava is #IFFWFC2017.

What will be special or different in the organisation of this WC?

We will have a lot of live broadcasts thanks to ´Dvojka´ and ´Arena TV´. Both our arenas have a TV availability, so we use it and fans can enjoy all the tournament also via TV for the first time in floorball history.