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Floorball development in Uganda

Uganda Floorball Association is the newest IFF Member Association and is ambitious to develop floorball.The Uganda Floorball Associa... — 1.4.2016

Uganda Floorball Association applied for IFF Membership

The Uganda Floorball Association has submitted its membership application together with the required attachments to the IFF.... — 10.3.2016

Uganda Floorball Association

Name: Uganda Floorball Association
Association founded: 2015
IFF member since: March 2016
Member of National Sports Authority:
Member of National Olympic Committee: -
Official web page: www.floorballuganda.org & Facebook page
Number of emplyees in the Association: -
Next General Assembly: -

Number of licensed players

  • Total: 169
  • Men: 92
  • Women: 30
  • Men Under 19: 25
  • Women Under 19: 22
  • Number of Floorball Clubs:

Association Contacts

Head office of the association

Uganda Floorball Association
Zimula House
Kajjansi Kawotto B LC1
sissa subcounty
Wakiso District
P.O.Box 27606
Kampala Uganda

Phone: +256 773748330
E-mail: floorball(at)gmail.com

President: Robert Zimuladylanzimula(at)hotmail.com
Vice President:Sera Apolotsarahapolot(at)gmail.com
Secretary General:John Vianney Mukalazimukalazibold(at)gmail.com
Education & DevelopmentRobert Bakazebakazerobert(at)gmail.com
National team contact:James Hasindihehasindihe.j(at)gmail.com,
Referee contact:Ronnie Ssempijjassempijaronnie(at)yahoo.co.uk
Anti-Doping contact:Ibrahim Kiddukidduibra(at)gmail.com
Transfer contact:Moses Amanyiremosesamanyire8(at)gmail.com

National championships

Men‘s championships played since: No Data
Women‘s championships played since: No Data
Age groups in boys: No Data
Age groups in girls: No Data

Men‘s National Champions

Women‘s National Champions

No Data

No Data

Men‘s player of the season:

Women‘s player of the season:

No Data

No Data

Information about the nation

Population: 37,873,253 est. 2015
Capital: Kampala
Language: English, Swahili
Currency: Ugandan shilling (UGX)

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