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Office hours during Midsummer

Midsummer is celebrated in Finland and Sweden 23.6-25.6.2017Both IFF offices in Finland and Sweden are closed on the 23rd of... — 22.6.2017

IFF Office closed today

The IFF office is closed today on the 25th of May due to a national holiday. We are back to business tomorrow. ... — 25.5.2017

Mr Klaus Koskela has passed away

Mr. Klaus Koskela, former chairman of the IFF Referee Committee passed away last Saturday at the age of 59 after a ... — 22.5.2017

International Floorball Federation, IFF

is the head organisation of world floorball. Floorball is a fast growing sport played indoors with "plastic" sticks. In each team there are five field players and a goalkeeper. The goalkeeper has no stick.

The International Floorball Federation, IFF, was founded by Sweden Finland and Switzerland 12th of April 1986. At this moment the IFF has 62 Member Associations. IFF is a full member of IOC, an ordinary member of Sport Accord and cooperates with FISU. IFF now stresses three different fields. These are: marketing, development and politics, the latter meaning in the field of sports.

The Strategic vision for the upcoming decade is defined as follows in the IFF Vision statement:

"To be the internationally approved sole owner of the dynamic sport of Floorball and to ensure all its different forms and identities and to serve as an attractive sport for all. Being a healthy organisation with sufficient human and financial resources, with over 100 international member associations, which are having and organising their own national championships, and with five continental confederations.

Floorball is adaptable to be played on a global level taking into consideration all the different infrastructural conditions, according to the standardised game rules, with a World Floorball Championships played with participants from five continents, based on the qualifications and being on the program of the Universiade, the World Games and/or the Olympic Games until 2020."

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