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Jun Oh Lee: How to take your team to the next level?

Me and my brother played floorball together in the Korean national team four years ago. He was a goalie, but had to quit playing because he had military service for two years (it is mandatory for men in Korea). A few nights ago, he had the chance to watch the national team´s practice.

He was shocked when he saw young national team players play. He said he had never imagined young players, around 20 years old, to be so skillful in floorball. He stated that most Korean National Team players in 2010 did not have good skills when it came to floorball. The team has developed very fast because experienced players that have retired after the 2014 WFC have focused on coaching the young players.

I played floorball in Switzerland for the Lausanne Unihockey Club (LUC) in 2014. We played in the second division. Before I went there, I contacted them through social media. They kindly answered my questions about joining their team and even told me about the Swiss lifestyle, accommodation etc. When I went to Lausanne, they warmly welcomed me.

At the first training with the LUC, I was startled. It felt like I was playing floorball for the first time. It was a completely different sport. Instead of fast shift of attacking and defending (Koreans run fast without ball control) the team was controlling the ball very easily and waited until they had an opportunity to score. It took me six months to adjust to the new playing style. Now I am focusing on transferring my knowledge to younger players.

Moreover, social media helps spreading good floorball knowledge by showing super players play. The Korean Floorball Federation has hosted some SSL players and coaches from Sweden for a coaching seminar. It has also boosted the national team‘s level to a better direction. I remember when I first played floorball for Korea, no one had enough knowledge about the sport. I was even told to hold the stick in the wrong way.

Some of the retired players have been to floorball countries (Sweden, Switzerland etc.) and learned good floorball and these days Korean floorball players want to go abroad to learn floorball. One of the national team players is now in Czech Republic to play floorball. I am sure he will spread his expertise to younger floorball players in the future. I hope to see the Korean national team placed within the top 5 in the WFC in the near future!

- Jun Oh Lee

Photo: Tommy Holl/WFC 2014

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