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Jun Oh Lee: Developing floorball in a new country

Since 2006 I have been part of the Korean National Team and have been a witness to the development of floorball in Korea. Floorball was introduced to Korea in 2004 by Mr. Kim, a founder of the Korean Floorball Federation. According to him, he decided to bring floorball into Korea when he saw a short article about floorball in European sports magazine, explaining how popular floorball is in Sweden and Finland. After the foundation of the KFF in 2004, Mr. Kim (Executive Director) and Mr. Kang (Secretary General) aimed to promote floorball in schools. Now, as a result of their hard work, more than 22,000 people play floorball in Korea, with 85% of floorballers being students. Promoting floorball into schools is a key to the development of floorball in a new country.

Floorball has a big advantage to set up in schools because of its easy-to-understand rules, high speed, accessibility, cheap equipment and spectacular enjoyment. Also, floorball is a social sport because anyone who wants to play floorball needs some fellow players. Moreover, floorball is a sport that can integrate women. Considering all these facts, the sport is very attractive for school sport classes, not only for students, but also for teachers. The KFF has organised Floorball Education Seminars for Physical Education teachers more than ten times a year for many years. Also, they have run a project with the Ministry of Education that is visiting schools and providing a free floorball lesson to students and teachers. Once the teachers have experienced floorball, many of them are interested in spreading floorball to their students by teaching them. Floorball is growing fast in Korea and will become one of the top three school sports in the near future.

Supporting projects from the IFF can boost the development of the sport in a new country. Knowledge transferring, supplying equipment and providing floorball seminars are possible solutions that will help develop the sport faster in the new countries. The IFF still needs to involve many new countries into the floorball world in order to achieve their long term goal, floorball to the Olympic Games. With IFF‘s guidance and support to the new counties, this joyful sport will grow gradually in the world. I have no doubt that, eventually, floorball will be seen at the Olympic Games.

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