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Injury assessment in floorball

The IFF collects injury statistics from the major IFF events. This systeam was installed by the IFF medical committee in 2012 when a reporting template, the Injury Form Floorball (InFo), was installed.

The aim is to define injury risks not only by collecting important epidemiological information, but also by gaining direction for injury prevention and comparing injury statistics in floorball with other sports.

The injury data collection and the InFo form was for the first time used in the Champions Cup 2012 and in the WFC 2012 and has been used since then in all the Adult World Floorball Championships and the Champions Cups.

The InFo form can be downloaded from the IFF Materials and forms.

Injury reporting system during IFF Events
In case of an injury during the CC the IFF injury form (InFo form) shall be filled in by team doctors and/or physiotherapists. The form needs to be filled in before a team is allowed to change a player due to injury.

The InFo Form is to be found from IFF web page under materials and forms. During the events the InFo Forms will be available on the match secretariat and IFF office.

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