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IFF Complaint Form


This form is designed to assist you in reporting any suspected breaches of the IFF Code of Ethics including match-fixing, competition manipulation, doping or any form of cheating; conflict of interest; financial misconduct including fraud or corruption; integrity non-compliance, harassment or abuse in IFF, or any other legal, regulatory or ethical breaches over which the IFF has jurisdiction. You may report suspected breaches in circumstances in which you may have been the victim or have observed any infringement of the Code of Ethics in any form.


Anyone reporting may request that their identity not be disclosed to persons beyond those responsible for dealing with the complaint report. Such request will, be respected by the IFF and the identity of the reporting person can remain confidential (i.e. nobody except for the secretary general receiving your report and the Ethics Committee will be informed without your consent). However, we encourage complainants to disclose such personal information as necessary to allow for a proper investigation and follow-up. IFF will obtain the consent of any individual reporting any suspected breaches if their name may be disclosed in any communication in relation to this case.

Download the form from HERE

Send the form to the IFF Secretary General Mr. John Liljelund

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