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Floorball Federation of hong kong

Name: Floorball Federation of Hong Kong
Association founded:
IFF member since: 2016
Member of National Sports Authority:
Member of National Olympic Committee:
Official web page: www.floorball.com.hk
Number of emplyees in the Association:
Next General Assembly:

Number of licensed players
Total: 260
Men: 60
Women: 60
Men Under 19: 80
Women Under 19: 60
Number of Floorball Clubs: 8

Association Contacts

Head office of the association
Floorball Federation of Hong Kong
Flat A, 22/F, EGL Tower
83 Hung To Road
Kung Tong, Kowloon
Hong Kong

E-mail: hkgfloorball(at)gmail.com

President:Mr. Denny Lodennymany(at)yahoo.com.hk
Vice President:Mr. Chan Wai Yuenyuensir61(at)gmail.com
Secretary General:Mr. Lam Yin Pinghkgfloorball(at)gmail.com
ParaFloorball contact:Mr. Hui Shiu Lunhkgfloorball(at)gmail.com
Transfer contact:Mr. Ivan Chanhkgfloorball(at)gmail.com

Anti-doping contact:

Mr. Ivan Chanhkgfloorball(at)gmail.com
Referee contact:Mr. Ice Lamhkgfloorball(at)gmail.com
National team contact:Mr. Ng Ka Kinhkgfloorball(at)gmail.com
Media contact:Mr. Derek Chowhkgfloorball(at)gmail.com
Education/Development:Mr. Ivan Chanhkgfloorball(at)gmail.com

Population: 7.188 million (2013) World Bank
Official languages: Chinese, English
Currency: Hong Kong dollar (HK$) (HKD)
Time zone: (UTC+8)

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