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EFCh 2017 All-Star team

The local organisers, participating teams and IFF have selected the All-Star team for the EuroFloorball Challenge 201... — 27.8.2017

EFCh 2017 - Final day

Tsunami Zahorska Bystrica are crowned EuroFloorball Challenge champions for 2017 and qu... — 27.8.2017

EFCh 2017 - Semis & placement matches

5th & 7th place decided and two tight semi-finals to decide our final day´s matches. 7th pla... — 26.8.2017

Eurofloorball Challenge 2017

M-Šport Centrum
Trencin, Slovakia
23rd - 27th August 2017

The EuroFloorball Challenge (EFCh) is the championship tournament for European national club champions outside of those in Champions Cup and the EuroFloorball Cup. Depending on the number of teams registered it can be played in several tournament tiers, ideally with 6 teams in both men and women (12 teams in total) in each tier. The winner of each EFCh tier qualifies for the next highest tier tournament in the following year.

In 2017, due to the number of registrations, only a men´s tournament will be held. The winners of EFCh will qualify directly to EuroFloorball Cup 2018.

1.Tsunami Zahorska Bystricka (SVK)
2.FBC Skala Melitopol (UKR)
3.FK AS Trencin (SVK)
4.UFC Utrecht (NED)
5.Dunai Krokodilok (HUN)
6.CUF Leganes (ESP)
7.London Sharks (GBR)
8.Floorball L´Aquila (ITA)

All-Star Team

Goalkeeper: Peter Melicher (FK AS Trencin)
Defender: Mykhailo Semeniuk (FBC Skala Melitopol)

Defender: Jakub Horecky (Tsunami Zahorska Bystrica)

Centre: Juraj Matejka (FK AS Trencin)

Forward: Niek Hovius (UFC Utrecht)

Forward: Martin Kubovic (Tsunami Zahorska Bystrica)

Match results

23.08. 11:34 Group B: L´Aquila - Utrecht6-13
23.08. 14:18 Group A: Skala - Sharks4-4
23.08. 17:01 Group A: Krokodilok - Tsunami4-15
23.08. 19:44 Group B: Leganes - AS Trencin2-10
24.08. 11:29 Group A: Krokodilok - Skala1-5
24.08. 14:15 Group B: L´Aquila - Leganes3-8
24.08. 17:00 Group A: Tsunami - Sharks9-3
24.08. 19:45 Group B: Utrecht - AS Trencin6-5
25.08. 11:30 Group A: Sharks - Krokodilok3-4
25.08. 14:14 Group B: Leganes - Utrecht2-3
25.08. 17:00 Group A: Tsunami - Skala7-3
25.08. 19:45 Group B: AS Trencin - L´Aquila10-3
26.08. 09:59 7th place: L´Aquila - Sharks4-7
26.08. 13:00 5th place: Krokodilok - Leganes6-4
26.08. 16:00 Semifinal 2: Tsunami - AS Trencin5-4
26.08. 19:00 Semifinal 1: Utrecht - Skala4-7
27.08. 11:00 3rd place: AS Trencin - Utrecht9-1
27.08. 14:00 Final: Tsunami - Skala9-4

Group A: Standings & StatisticsGroup B: Standings & Statistics

Scoring leaders

1.Martin KubovicTsunami5107170
2.Maros KovalTsunami559140
3.Niek HoviusUtrecht585130
4.Oliver KubaskyTsunami583110
5.Tamas HoffmannKrokodilok464106
6.Juraj MatejkaAS Trencin555102
7.Norbert KvasznicskaKrokodilok44592
8.Patrik MisakAS Trencin56282
9.Andrea IezziL´Aquila45380
10.Miroslav MikolajAS Trencin53580

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Goalkeeper Statistics

1.Peter JuklTsunami5630100.00
2.Andries ZianiUtrecht51470100.00
3.Oleksandr SemeniukSkala51350100.00
4.Peter MelicherAS Trencin5880100.00
5.Ivan Martinez OrtegaLeganes4530100.00
6.Martin VilemTsunami4460100.00
7.Miika SavolainenSharks41230100.00
8.Laszlo VighKrokodilok4660100.00
9.Diego PaceL´Aquila41170100.00
10.Balazs SamuKrokodilok4590100.00

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