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IFF Committees elected

The IFF CB elected the IFF Committees in its meeting yesterday.The IFF CB decided during its last (per capsulam) meeting, on th... — 24.1.2017

IFF Central Board 2016 - 2020

President: Tomas Eriksson

E-mail: eriksson(at)floorball.org

Vice President: Filip Suman

E-mail: suman(at)ceskyflorbal.cz

Treasurer: Monica Birdal

E-mail: monica.birdal(at)gmail.com

Member: Jörg Beer

E-mail: joerg.beer(at)bluewin.ch

Member: Stephen King

E-mail: tangoasset(at)iinet.net.au

Member: Martin Klabere

E-mail: martin.klabere(at)innebandy.se

Member: Carlos Lopez

E-mail: carlos.floorball(at)gmail.com

Member: Kimmo Nurminen

E-mail: kimmo.nurminen(at)floorball.fi

Member: Thorbjorn Ovedal

E-mail: to(at)danskfloorball.dk

Member: Ron Spence

E-mail: ron(at)floorballcanada.org

Member: Lidwien Reehuis

E-mail: l.reehuis(at)gmail.com

Atheletes´ Commission Chair

Secretary General: John Liljelund

see IFF official address

Auditor: Mikael Brandstam

E-mail: mikael(at)brandstamsrevision.se

IFF Executive Committee (ExCo)

Tomas Eriksson, President

Filip Suman, Vice President

Monica Birdal Member

Stephen King Member

Secretary General John Liljelund, see IFF official address

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