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IFF Athletes´ Commission Members

Athletes´ Commission Chair:

Lidwien Reehuis (NED)
Born: 29.04.1986
IFF Player Card

WFC´s: 3 (2009-2015)

Member of the Athletes´ Commission since 2015
Email: l.reehuis(at)gmail.com

Lidwien is an energetic and very well-respected member of the Dutch Floorball community, being involved both as a player, administrator and junior coach. She currently works with Groningen municipality where she contributes to policies about urban development. She wants to continue in the ATC to help raise the profile of the commission and make it more accessible and important to all Floorball players.

"I think it is important that someone represents athletes from smaller floorball countries to show that floorball is a worldwide sport. I feel the motivation to bring people together, to find creative solutions and to make Floorball a better sport for everyone."

Athletes´ Commission Members:

Eliisa Alanko (FIN)
Born: 29.08.1988
IFF Player Card

WFC´s: 4 (2009-15) - Silver x 3; Bronze x 1
U19 WFC´s: 1 (2006) - Silver x 1
National Championships: 2

Member of the Athletes´ Commission since 2013.
Email: eliisa.alanko(at)hotmail.com

Eliisa is in her 5th year at University of Turku in the Faculty of Medicine Institute of Dentistry & has successfully combined a demanding study schedule with her Floorball career for many years. As a player she has seen many sides of the game. She played in Switzerland for two years (2009-11) and believes that this experience contributed a lot both on & off the court. She is a very social and positive person and likes to get to know new people. One of the best things in floorball are the friendships she´s made.

Josefina Eiremo (SWE)
Born: 17.07.1984
IFF Player Card

WFC´s: 4 (2009-2015) - Gold x 4
National Championships: 3

Member of the Athletes´ Commission since 2013
Email: j.eiremo(at)hotmail.se

Josefina has played 94 internationals & is the current Swedish team captain. From 4 WFC´s she has 4 gold medals. She has won the Swedish national title 3 times as well as the IFF Champions Cup. Josefina works at an infant school and wants to continue in ATC because it‘s interesting and educational. She believes her task is to listen to other players opinions about the sport, and present these ideas to the IFF via the ATC.

"It‘s important and fun as a player to contribute to the development of Floorball. It is inspiring and interesting to be in the ATC and I think that it is important that players are involved and contribute with experience, knowledge and ideas to keep developing floorball."

Yui Takahashi (JPN)
Born: 15.01.1989
IFF Player Card

WFC´s: 6 (2005, 2011-2015 and B Division 2007, 2009)
U19 WFC´s: 2 (2008-2016)

Elected to Athletes´ Commission in 2017
Email: takahashi-yui-cf(at)ynu.jp

Since 2011 Yui has played in the second highest league in Sweden, and is currently studying for her Masters in Education. In Japan, she has been involved, not only as a player but also, a coach of the men´s & the women´s U19 national teams. She has recently established a non-profit organization “T3 FLOORBALL PROJECT” which is an organisation to promote floorball in Japan.

"My dream is Floorball will be an Olympic sport. Now it becomes bigger and bigger in Europe but not as much in Asia. I want to promote and introduce this wonderful sport to Asia cooperating with other members of the IFF Athletes‘ commission."

Agata Plechan (POL)
Born: 04.07.1987
IFF Player Card

WFC´s: 4 (2009-2015 and B Division 2007)

Elected to Athletes´ Commission in 2017
Email: acplechan(at)gmail.com

Agata is an experienced floorball player & young entrepreneur. Holding a Masters Degree in Development & International Relations, she has worked in many international organisations including European Parliament and European Olympic Committees EU Office in Brussels. Since 2007 she has lived in Denmark where she plays floorball & runs her own company in Copenhagen.

"I am sure that my experience from working in the European OC Office, where sport is combined with all different aspects of human life, will help me to perform well as part of the Athletes´ Commission. I care about every level of floorball development and I dream about seeing it as a part of the Olympic Games."

Tero Tiitu (FIN)
Born: 23.04.1982
IFF Player Card

WFC´s: 8 (2002-2016) Gold x 3; Silver x 4;Bronze x 1
National Championships: 6

Member of the Athletes´ Commission since 2014
Email: tero.t.tiitu(at)gmail.com

Tero has an impressive playing record with two WFCgolds, six Finnish national titles and one Swedish championship. He is theall-time leading international goal scorer for Finland. He has almost completedhis second Master´s degrees and appears regularly on a Finnish TV sportsshow.

"I want tomake the players‘ voice even better heard in the IFF, contribute to developingthe sport also outside the rinks as well as further help the sport to reach theOlympic games."

Junoh Lee (KOR)
Born: 11.02.1984
IFF Player Card

WFC´s: 2 (2008 C Division & 2014)

Member of the Athletes´ Commission since 2014
Email: readm(at)naver.com

Junoh has represented Korea at the highestlevel since 2008 as well as playing in Switzerland and Australia. He wasselected as a Global Sports Leader by the Korea Foundation for the NextGeneration Sports Talent, and currently works in the Test Events ManagementDepartment, organising 28 international sport events for the PyeongchangOrganising Committee for 2018 Winter Olympic & Paralympic Games.

"With myknowledge in sports and working experience for the Olympic Games, I will do mybest to contribute more values to the IFF ATC. I have passion for floorball,confidence and belief for my dream that is to help Floorball get into theOlympic Games."

Johan Samuelsson (SWE)
Born: 01.12.1988
IFF Player Card

WFC´s: 4 (2010-2016) Gold x 2; Silver x2

Elected to Athletes´ Commission 2017
Email: johansamuelsson2(at)gmail.com

Johan is the captain of the Swedish team. He hasplayed 75 internationals and has two WFC gold medals (2012 & 2014). He was one of the top international transfers when he moved this year toSwitzerland to play with UHC Tigers Langnau. He has studied education and iscurrently working as a teacher.

"After seven years as a player on the international scenewhere I have been able to affect things on the field, I now feel that I havethe experience and knowledge to affect things outside the field."

Tomas Sladky (CZE)
Born: 09.08.1986
IFF Player Card

WFC´s: 6 (2006-2016)
U19 WFC´s: 1 (2003)

Elected to Athletes´ Commission 2017
Email: slato(at)centrum.cz

During his floorball career Tomas has played in all of the Top 4 leagues - 1. SC Vítkovice (CZE), SV Wiler-Ersigen(SUI), Koovee (FIN), Jönköpings IK (SWE). He studied Sport Management and Coaching at Palackého University in Olomouc, and is currently living in Sweden where he works as a floorball instructor at a school in Göteborg(SWE). He has played over 120 matches with the national team and has two WFC bronze medals from 2010 &2014.

“I have been playing floorball for 22 years and about 12 years on the top level but I still continue to collect new experiences in my career. I feel that it would be exciting to be part of a committee which can help develop this great sport."

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