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TWG in Facts and Figures – 28.09.2017

The World Games Floorball competition was played 27th-30th of July in the WKK Sports Centre in Wroclaw, Poland. The World Games itself lasted 20th-30th of July and 31 sports were part of the event.

During The World Games, several people from different federations visited the WKK Sports Centre. One of these was the IWGA CEO Joachim Gossow:
- I had the pleasure to visit the Floorball tournament twice. The organisation and execution of the event as well as the atmosphere were professional and impressive. Moreover, I had the opportunity to meet the President and the Secretary General for good discussions about the sport’s development and the competition itself.

Gossow saw floorball as a good addition to The World Games:
- IFF met the expectations of the IWGA with their participation and fulfilled their commitments given in their Application for Participation in the Games. In the cluster of Ball Sports, Floorball was a good addition and obviously well appreciated by the Polish audience on site and by the media.
A modern, dynamic sport which tries to approach the spectators with a suitable sport presentation and in addition with activities for the spectators around the tournament (e.g. mini playing field for youngsters). The IFF is also a very active and progressive federation pertaining to the use of modern technology and media rescores to promote their sport. It understands to make use of TWG for their sport as a „showcase" to attract new, non sport-specific audience for the future.

The IFF Secretary General John Liljelund was pleased with floorball´s next step:
- The World Games Floorball tournament was a real success on all fields and we were able to prove that we create added value for the multi-sport games organiser and increase visibility for the event on a number of ways. This will be a good stepping stone for further Floorball participation in different multi-sport events.

TWG 2017 Spectators
Total attendance: 6 686
Most spectators during TWG Final SUI v SWE: 901

The spectator numbers only include the sold tickets. In addition, there were 100-150 people more in the arena stands such as athletes, VIPs and personnel.

TWG 2017 on TV
IFF didn’t own the TV or streaming rights for the Floorball Event, so we agreed with the IWGA that we will produce the signal from the three first days of the Floorball tournament. IWGA had secured TV production only for the Final day of the tournament. As a part of the deal IFF gave the signal for the first days to the IWGA.

The TWG Floorball matches were broadcasted in the following way:
IFF YouTube Channel   All 11 matches
Czech Republic (TV4)   The 4 Swedish matches
Finland (Elisa TV)         The 4 Finnish matches
Poland (PolSat)             The 3 Polish matches and Bronze and Final matches
(Swissunihockey.tv)      The 4 Swiss matches
Olympic Channel          The Bronze and Final Match

As the Czech, Finnish and Polish contacts were sold by IWGA, IFF hasn’t got TV figures for these.
The Swissunihockey.tv matches gained 17 050 views and 51 200 interactions. The figures from The IFF YouTube can be found from this article.

TWG Floorball in Media
The potential reach of The World Games Floorball in the media was 25.58 million. This includes articles where both The World Games and Floorball were mentioned during the timeframe 26-31.7.
Data provided by Meltwater.

Social Media Comparison with other sports
During 20th – 30th of July, The World Games had 47k public posts and 6.9k out of the 47k were floorball related posts. Out of all The World Games sports, floorball had the most The World Games related posts and were almost 15% out of the whole amount of The World Games posts. The sport specific posts made up 55% of all The World Games posts. The other 45% were general posts about The World Games and no specific sport was mentioned.

The social reach of all The World Games posts was 750 million. Gymnastics had the biggest social reach with 34.6 million. Floorball came second with approximately 32.6 million. The sport specific posts had a rather small percentage of the whole social reach. Gymnastics was 4.6% and floorball 4.4% out of the whole reach. The sport specific posts had a social reach of 255 million and were 34% of the whole The World Games social reach.
Data provided by Meltwater.

TWG AOFC Campaign
The IFF together with the AOFC had launched a social media activation campaign in regards of floorball and The World Games. The AOFC Campaign worked well and activated the Asia-Oceanian National Associations very well to follow and speak about the TWG. You can read more about the competition here.
During the competition timeline (20.7-7.8), there were 8.86k public posts that were connected to the AOFC TWG competition. The social reach of the said posts was 3.3 million. Data provided by Meltwater.

TWG on IFF Social Media
Impressions (26-31.7.2017):
IFF Facebook: 1 158 167
IFF Twitter: 260 413

Engagement (26-31.7.2017):
IFF Facebook: 10 691
IFF Twitter: 17 785
IFF Instagram: 69 437

The Facebook pages of the national associations of the participating teams had a reach of 1 797 012 in total.

TWG 2017 on YouTube
Statistics for IFF Youtube Channel 1
Statistics Period:  27th July – 4th August 2017
Video uploads: 33 (This includes only TWG matches, highlights & interviews)

Views:  273,508
Estimated minutes watched:  2,750,525
New subscribers: 976

Likes: 2,005
Comments: 6,771
Shares: 1,508

Top 5 videos (ranked according to minutes)
Final – SUI v SWE
SWE v SUI (group)
Semifinal – FIN v SUI
USA v SWE (group)
FIN v CZE (group)

Top geographies (based on minutes watched)
1. Sweden (32%)
2. Finland (22%)
3. Switzerland (9.5%)
4. Czech Republic (4.6%)
5. Poland (4.2%)

Gender (based on views)
Male: 88%
Female: 12%

Website www.floorball.org
Official IFF website numbers during TWG (26-31.7.2017):
Total amount of users during TWG: 17 856
Total amount sessions: 34 049
Countries visiting: 114
Total page views: 101 109
Pages/Session: 2.97

The national associations of the participating teams gained 282 997 page views on their websites.

The IFF Events Mobile App
The IFF Events Mobile App has now been downloaded by 43 077 users.
Android: 22 877 downloads
Top countries:
1. CZE: 5 340
2. SUI: 2 840
3. FIN: 2 290
4. SWE: 2 000
5. GER: 1 620
6. SVK: 1 370

iOS:  20 200 downloads
Top countries:
1. SWE: 4 740
2. SUI: 4 250
3. FIN: 1 600
4. CZE: 1 270
5. GER: 938
6. NOR: 927

Numbers during TWG 2017 (26-31.7.2017)
Users: 4 126
Sessions: 43 756
Screens/session: 5.33

Top 10 countries/sessions:
1. SUI 8 901
2. CZE 6 842
3. SWE 4 461
4. GER 4 271
5. FIN 3 010
6. POL 2 212
7. SVK 967
8. ITA 947
9. AUT 784
10. LAT 761

A total of 1 054 persons took part in the Guess the results competition.