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IFF supports the developing nations with Floorball equipments – 05.06.2012

IFF has continued to supported the developing nations by sending support packages to several countries.

The support packages include printed educational and promotional material as well as floorball sticks and balls. Also goalkeeper equipment has been sent.

The basic idea for this support is that there are many countries that need sticks and balls and there are no commercial distributors in their own country. The support program started in 2007 with the amount of 235 sticks and some 800 balls. The program has grown ever since and the level of equipment support is at the time about 1000 sticks and 2000 balls annually. During 2012 the IFF has already by now sent around 1000 sticks and 1500 balls all around the world. The sticks and balls are provided by the IFF equipment sponsor, Unihoc.  

The IFF has sent equipment to Africa, Asia, Europe, Oceania, North America and South America. In Europe the countries, which have received the material support, are mainly Eastern European countries.

Asia has also been quite a big support receiver as well as Africa.

IFF Supported project in Iran in 2011

In 2011 and 2012 the IFF supported for example the new IFF member Jamaica (member since October 2011) and the Philippines. Jamaican Floorball is the latest national association to become an IFF member.

Some new countries have become part of the program in 2012, such as Chile, Nigeria and the newest one, Saudi Arabia. It has turned out to be a good way to promote the sports worldwide and it has helped many countries to start Floorball and also helped them to make contacts to the manufactorers in order to get more Floorball equipment. You can ask for more information about the equipment support from Mr. Veli Halonen from the IFF office.