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EuroFloorball Challenge, Final Day – 28.08.2016

CDE El Valle is the new women’s EuroFloorball Challenge winner and Phoenix Fireball the winner in men´s Challenge and they both qualify to the EFC 2017.

Phoenix Fireball-Lyon FC Women 3rd place 8-3

Phoenix took the grip of this match from the start but had big difficulties getting the ball into the French net. Lyon worked hard and managed to keep the score even for the first two periods but in the third period Phoenix suddenly got everything working and the result in the end was 8-3 and a 3rd place for Phoenix Fireball. 

Neumann Pillangok-CDE El Valle, Women Final 1-4

For the final Pillangok was able to have eight players instead of six or seven, which they have had throughout the whole tournament. CDE El Valle won the first game in the group phase against Pillangok with the penalty shots and an even game was to be expected.

Both teams shot a lot in the first period, but the goalkeepers in both ends were able to save all the attempts and the score stayed even, no goals in the first period. The Spanish team management obviously did something during the intermission, since El Valle were able to shoot more accurately and efficiently and the period was not the best for the Hungarian goalkeeper. Three shots and two goals in the second period for the Spanish.

El Valle kept up the good speed in last period and at 42.01 already the third goal. At that stage it started to look like a victory for the Spanish. The fourth goal for El Valle at 51.40 was the last straw, which broke the camel’s back and CDE El Valle is the first EuroFloorball Challenge winner.

FBC Bozen-IFK Paris 3-2

The first game the teams played against each other in the group phase ended 3-2 for Bozen and this game for the third spot looked like a copy of the first match except this time Paris took the lead and was leading all the way to the second period, but at 28.11 Bozen scored the equalizer and in the third period Bozen was awarded a penalty shot and that opportunity they used and scored the leading and eventually the winning goal 45.03. 

FBC Bozen ending up as the third in the men’s EuroFloorball Challenge.

Phoenix Fireball-Dunai Krokodilok 7-4

Phoenix Fireball took the control of the game from the first moments on and the only thing Krokodilok could do was just to try to keep the numbers decent. Fireball kept the ball and didn´t give many options for Krokodilok to be in the game.

Krokodilok however came back to the game in the third period. Two goals scored by Norbert Ressely made the score to be 6-4 for Fireball and the game got much more tention and speed. Fireball had to fight until the very end in order to secure the victory and the spot in the EFC 2017, which they eventualy did by winning 7-4.



Photos from all of the matches can be found on IFF Flickr 

 All the matches can be watched Live from IFF YouTube Channel 1