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EuroFloorball Challenge Day 3 – 27.08.2016

The other finalist for both men’s women’s EuroFloorball Challenge were decided already yesterday,  when the Hungarian Phoenix Fireball secured the spot in the men’s final and Spanish CDE El Valle in the women’s final. The game between Krokodilok and IFK Paris didn’t decide anything, since also Bozen has the chance to make it and they would play the last game of the day. By winning the women’s first  game of the day,  Neumann Pillangok got the spot in the women’s final.

Dunai Krokodilok-IFK Paris 7-6

Still with the chance to reach the final it was quite natural that the Crocodiles started stronger than Paris and scored two goals in the first half of the period. Paris worked themselves into the match and after a number of chances they scored their first at 10:31. The Hungarians however replied immediately and made 3-1 and had a firm grip even though Paris produced a lot of chances.One more goal each were scored in the period that ended 4-2 to the Crocodiles.

When Norbert Ressely scored his third and the Crocodiles 5th goal in the beginning of the second period it looked like it was game over, a feeling that got stronger when they got a 5-minute power play. Only one goal was scored during that penalty and the Hungarians had a 6-2 lead after two periods.

But Paris showed again that giving up is not a part of their vocabulary. After 57:25 the scoreboard said 6-5 and the heat was really on in the arena. At 57:40 the Crocodiles scored 7-5 but with just over a minute to go Paris scored again and it was 7-6. The French took out their goalie and got a last chance to equalize but the ball didn’t want to find the way into the Hungarian net again.

The match ended 7-6 to the Crocodiles still giving them the chance to reach the final. For Paris a match for third place is next on the agenda. 


Neumann Pillangok-Lyon FC  8-0

Pillangok only had six field players in their roster and that was the chance, which Lyon had. If they would keep up good speed throughout the game they could expect the Hungarians to be too tired to fight back. Unfortunately for the French the Pillangok players didn’t agree with these speculations and were able to play their own game and also to control the French players.

It was than clear from the first minutes of the game on that the Hungarians had the initiative and they were able to use it efficiently. Easy 8-0 numbers for Pillangok and the spot in the final, against the Spanish CDE El Valle, was secured.


Phoenix Fireball-CDE El Valle 5-3

The finalists for the women’s final were already clear before the game between Fireball and El Valle, but by winning, Fireball would take the third place in the group before the final placement matches tomorrow. Fireball took the control in early stage of the game and El Valle seemed to take it easy for the next day’s final.

At 46.02 the Hungarians took already 4-0 lead and the impression was that the game was already played. But as so many times before in Floorball, it ain’t over until the fat lady sings. Just a little bit more than four minutes later El Valle was back to business and the score was only 4-3 for Fireball.  Kitti Padar from Fireball took the role of the heroine and scored the team’s fifth and her third at 53.45 and that gave some more boost for the Hungarians.  That boost lasted until the end of the game and the score 5-3 was also the final result. By winning, Fireball took the third spot in the group. 

Phoenix Fireball-FBC Bozen 6-1

In order to make it to the final FBC Bozen was in the position that they would need to win the game. Either during the regular time or at least with the possible panalty shot shoot out. The first period looked like slow motion Floorball and it seemed that the most important issue for both teams was just to play the game until the end. After a slow start Bozen increased the speed and shots at the same time, but no goals were scored during the first period.

Second period looked totally different and eventually the game started properly in the beginning when Fireball took the control,  Bozen still scored the first goal of the game after a fast counter attack. The Hungarians started to be more careful and didn´t want to miss any passes. That paid off and Fireball scored two in few minutes time and had 2-1 lead when the third period started.

Fireball scored the third in the beginning of the third period and that was the last nail to team Bozen´s coffin and the Fireball victory meant that Phoenix Fireball and Dunai Krokodilok will play in the men´s final tomorrow.    



Photos from all of the matches can be found on IFF Flickr 

 All the matches can be watched Live from IFF YouTube Channel 1