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World University Floorball Championships 2016 – 15.01.2016

The 7th World University Floorball Championships 2016 are played in Porto, Portugal, July 19th - 24th 2016.

The deadline to register is getting closer and all teams should register here: www.wuc.in-1.it. The deadline for the submission of the General Forms is 18th January. Then the team have to apply for the Quantitative Form until 18th April. The Individual and Nominative Form deadline is June 18th.

The 1st draft of the general programme has also been published. The proposed programme is based of 10 men´s and 6 women´s teams.

18 July 2016
Arrival of Teams
SCAC meeting

19 July 2016
Arrival of Teams
Technical meeting
Opening ceremony

20 July 2016
Day 1 matches (group stage)

21 July 2016
Day 2 matches (group stage)

22 July 2016
Day 3 matches (group stage)
Social program and head delegation dinner

23 July 2016
Day 4 matches

24 July 2014
Day 5 matches – Finals
Closing ceremony

25 July 2016
Departure of Teams

More information on: wucfloorball2016.com