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Singapore won also the Men´s Gold – 14.06.2015

The Men´s SEA Games final started with far less drama and scoring situations for both teams than in the women´s final.
Singapore maybe dominated the scene a little bit in the first period, with their more organised structure and they were now better prepared for the physical play. On the other hand the Thai defended well looking for chances to turn the game around. Thailand got a power play, but weren´t able to create any real chances, putting the Singaporean goalie to a real test. Singapore´s problem in the first period was that they were not ready to take the shot and their execution was poor. Rashid Jalaluddin set the frantic crowd into flames, by surfing through the Thai defense flicking in the 1-0 goal for Singapore in the end of the 1st period.

Singapore increased their lead to 2-0, with a power play goal scored by Alvin Tan just a minute into the 2nd period. Singapore´s game plan was clearly to reduce time and speed, deep down in the Thai area, to prevent any fast turnarounds, as they proven to always be dangerous. As the game stayed even, both teams tried to get under the skin of their opponents, by playing all situations to the end and this made the game very physical. Singapore increased their lead to 3-0 in power play by Abdul Hafiz Zubir. Thailand tried desperately to to get back in the game, but were not able to score any goals. They were kept in the game by their goalkeeper Trasama Promyart, who made save after save more spectacular than the previous one. The Thai penalties started to cost too much after the fourth penalty for them, varying them down.

Thailand was not able to score on their second power play, but hey kept pushing to the Singaporean goal, but when Suria intercepted a Thai pass and broke away to score 5-0, the game was more or less over. Especially as just some 30 seconds later Singapore increased the lead to 6-0. Thailand must be given huge credit for their fast development  and excellent performance in the entire tournament, even though it wasn´t enough in the final.

The last minutes the teams just played off the time in the clock, after Siraaj Ramadhans two goals and one by Syazni Ramlee closing the score at 9-0, securing the SEA Games Gold medals also for Singapore Men.

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