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Floorball Development Seminar in Teheran – 11.03.2015

IFF organised a 1st level Floorball Development Seminar in the field of Coaching and Refereeing in the Azadi Sport Complex Basketball hall in Teheran, Iran from the 23rd – 25th of February.

The seminar, which is the second in Iran, was organised in two streams, one for coaching (24 participants) and one for refereeing (29 participants), with a total of 53 participants, both Men and Women from 6 provinces (Ham, Kerman, Kurdistan, Qum, Semnam and Teheran). Most of the participants were PE teachers, who have become acquainted with the sport and now wanted to have additional information to develop the sport locally.

In the field of refereeing the focus was put on learning how to act as a referee. A lot of time was spent on discussing the basic game rules and their interpretation. The participants felt that especially the parts of the referee’s task in managing the game was very interesting. The referees got to test their skills in the games played during the tournament and feedback was then given in the use of the referee signs, movement on the field and basic communication skills towards the players. All participants had the chance to referee in the games played during the seminar.

In the field of coaching the group was, for religious reasons, divided into a male and female group, where focus was given on how to teach and train basic personal technique and tactics, stick handling, passing and shooting.  A lot of focus was given to the basic tactical parts of the game and their development, as openings, attacking, giving pressure and defending. Especially the discussions and Q&A sessions concerning the different stages of the game and the individual player roles were appreciated.

The IFF mobile application for the PointsMaster game format was introduced as a form of practice and a tool of introduction and a recreational game format. In the end of the seminar a PointsMaster tournament was played, where female referees refereed the men’s games. The participants received a level 1 certification for acting as coaches or referees in Iran as a result of a completed course.

- At the moment floorball is being played in 10 out of 20 provinces in Iran. There is active groups in 18 cities all over the country, with some 250 players in total. We have not yet started any national leagues, but tournaments are organised regularly for adults, juniors in the following age groups 10-12, 13-15 and 16-19. In 2015 more tournaments shall be organised and the seminar will help the IFA to grow, as we now have trained coaches and referees to assist in the regions, says Mr. Ali Davallo, IFA President.

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