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Girls Floorball Summer Camp in Mellensee – 13.07.2015

Floorball Sommercamp is a project run by the local Floorball Federation "Floorball Verband Berlin-Brandenburg e.V." (FVBB). After running girls groups parallel to the other groups in previous summers, this year a weekend only for girls was offered for the first time.

The feedback was amazing, 43 girls from Bavaria to Hamburg came to spend a weekend full of floorball in Mellensee, South of Berlin. The 12-person staff included Goalie Inge Kuld from the Estonian national team and the former German U19 national team players Anja Pesch and Felicitas Brückner.

- The girls arrived friday afternoon and were separated into two groups according to their age. Each group was led by four coaches, ensuring best supervision for each player. During the weekend, the approved "course-system" was carried out: While one group trained indoors, the other group could choose to play ultimate frisbee, soccer, and rugby outdoors, or instead join a more relaxing activity like Cross-Floorball and Kubb, Antonia Oelke, one of the camp leaders informs.

The saturday afternoon match teamer-versus-participants inspired as usually, but a real highlight was the evening activity when four teams competed in Bouncer Ball, Stockey or guided soccer (where a player had to lead another one, whose eyes were covered, just by words). Before bed time, a video message from the German National Team, who were having a trainings camp on the same weekend, reached the girls to wish them lots of fun with the trainings.

Each girl received a regular summer camp shirt with the additional "Go Girls Floorball!" logo. The girls were motivated and powerful until the last moment on Sunday afternoon. A great spirit was kept during the weekend, both coaches and participants had a great time and took some good floorball memories home. The bar is set high for a repetition of the Girls Camp next summer, however, the feedback supports a second round: Go Girls Floorball!

Source & more information: www.floorball-sommercamp.de/girls-camp-2015-punktet/