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Girls Only! FC Stern Munich Girl´s Day 2015 – 27.05.2015

Girls Only

Girl´s Day 2015 at FC Stern Munich

On 16th - 17th May, the most successful women´s club in south Germany, FC Stern Munich, organised in cooperation with Floorball Bavaria a floorball event only for girls and women. Over 70 participants aged from 9yrs to 45 yrs, from all over Bavaria and Austria started the weekend with a professional warm-up, guided by the club´s own fitness coach. Then the young floorball players were divided by age or skill and were trained by the players from the women´s team.

After giving their time to the younger players, the FC Stern women´s team played a match and qualified to the final of the German championship to be played in June. Straight after their match the women were back to help the girls with learning new exercises and techniques. Six young goalies were also given their own training session with a goalkeeper coach.

The first day ended with a short tournament, and some sore muscles for many of the young floorball enthusiasts.

Sunday began with a friendly match between the U13 girls from FC Stern against the U15 girls from Innsbruck. Even early in the morning, the hall was full with the enthusiastic young girls who cheered for both teams. After the match the court was divided into 6 stations, and about 60 girls learned more about stick handling, ball control, passing, shooting and much more.

During the lunch break, the FC Stern women played a friendly match against the Austrian champion, Zell am See, and showed how ´adult Floorball´ could look. After an exciting game, there was a short introduction to the big court for the young girls. Although the girls were small and the distance between from goal to the other was very large for them, they were never tired of trying to win the ball and run towards the goal.

The weekend was finished with penalty shot competition and a group cool-down. A great success for the organisers, but an even greater success for the Bavarian Floorball women.

All agreed that the event will be held again in the future.

Text by Michaela Weinrich (16yrs, Austrian U19s player & Girl´s Day participant)

The IFF launched their GoGirls! Floorball project in December 2013 and through the material provided we hope that we can encourage more events like this one, and to help more girls and women enjoy Floorball.

Visit the IFF GoGirls! Floorball page for more information.