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IFF Seminar in Denmark – 12.11.2015

On Saturday the 7th of November the Danish, German and Norwegian Floorball Federations organized a seminar together with the IFF. The main topics in the seminar were Corporate Governance, Good governance, Leadership and some topics with the IFF policies such as Code of Ethics and Conflict of Interest policies. The lecturers were from the IFF office.

We actually started to plan this seminar last spring after the MU19 WFC in Helsingborg and as we all know the summer is not always the best time to have any seminars we set the date to November already from the very beginning of the planning. Our main objective and idea in the IFF was to plan the seminar so that we could get the most out of the seminar and concentrate on issues which are valid for these three IFF member associations, says Mr. John Liljelund, the IFF Secretary General.

- Maybe one could say in a nutshell that we wanted to give the customer what they ordered, he added with a smile on his face.

The whole structure of the seminar worked very well. We find it particularly important that leadership was one of the main focus points, since this is a topic seldom touched when speaking of development even though one of the keys to successful development is good leadership. The combination of group work, individual reflection and presentations on important topics secured the involvement of everyone, and even though it was a long day nobody seemed to drift off during the seminar, comments Mr. Thorbjorn Ovedahl, the President of the Danish Floorball Union.

- Especially the fact that all participants got the chance to engage in the discussions were very well received, and secured a high level of participation during the whole 7 hour seminar. The agenda was also very well suited for the federations that were present, which really shows that the IFF has some real insight into what the member associations are struggling with, comments Mrs. Monica Bakke, the President of the Norwegian Floorball Association.

We hope that the IFF will conduct more seminars like this in the future to strengthen the floorball network across countries. There is no question that seminars like these are what create insight, build interest, and secure involvement in a broader perspective to the benefit of our sport, she concludes.

IFF has carried out several development seminars during the previous decade, but this was one of the first ones carried out which was built on one day agenda. More information from the IFF Secretary General, Mr. John Liljelund.