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Floorball Development Project in Laos – 12.01.2015

IFF has started a cooperation project with a Finnish development organisation running a bi-lateral development project for youth in Laos for the next two years.

Some of the Project leaders have earlier been involved in floorball and wanted to roll-out the sport also in connection to their youth project.

The group organised a “Get to know the Sport” two day camp for around 40 persons, 12-16-year old high school students, using floorball material provided by the IFF. The floorball camp was organised in Savannakhet, by the Savan Centre Finnish aid workers. Four local schools participated with ten students from each school, five boys and five girls.

 The sport of floorball has never been played by locals in Laos, so this was the first introduction of the sport.

- The young students were excited about the new sport. The students said that floorball was easy to understand since it is similar to the most popular sport in Laos, football. They really liked to play and hope that more of camps like this can be organised in the future. Both the Lao TV and the Lao newspaper were present at the camp, says Henri, who was the camp director.

The Savan Centre has also introduced the sport to the Regional Sports Authority in the Savannakhet Province. The manager of the the regional Sports Authority, Mr. Thavon, is quite interested in the sport and hopes  that the Savan Centre could educate the PE teachers and provide floorball materials to the schools, so that floorball could be played during PE classes.

After the initial camp held during the autumn, the aid organisation has continued to run floorball classes for 14 to 20 year old girls and boys in the Savan Centre.

- The aim is to have an intern coming from Finland in the spring term to the youth centre. This would make it possible to increase the floorball activities, says the leading aid worker Ms. Päivi Jokivuori.