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All the games at Storvretacup will be streamed live – 10.11.2016

The Storvretacup 2016/2017 will be played in the newly built IFU Arena in Uppsala. The adult’s tournament is held 27-29.12 and the junior tournaments 2-6.1.2017.

All the games in one of the world´s largest floorball tournament will be streamed live through a unique collaboration between the Storvretacup and Solidtango. This means that nearly 2000 matches will be available on Storvretacup´s Play Channel.
- We are very pleased that we have this deal in place and I think we will beat the world record in the number of streamed games from a cup, says Robert Andersson, Marketing Manager in Storvreta IBK.

The many broadcasts are made possible thanks to a collaboration with the company Solidtango who will be responsible for production, packaging and distribution. Besides being able to see the games live it will also be possible to watch the games afterwards and download them.
- To stream all the games from the Storvretacup is a great challenge but also incredibly awesome, not just for us who are responsible for the broadcasts, but also for all the players and viewers who will be a part of this world record attempt, says Johan Lundqvist, CEO Solidtango.

Solidtango has a lot of experience of streaming live sports online. In the past three years Solidtango has streamed more than 15,000 live broadcasts.
- In this way friends and relatives can follow the cup from home. We dare to take this on because we believe there is a unique audience for each game, says the head of the Storvretacup Peter Wennberg.

In addition to live broadcasts of the games viewers will also be offered a studio program that will guide the participants and the audience through the Storvretacup. To fund this major investment there will be a fee to watch games live or after the fact whereas the studio program will be available for free.

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