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Men´s Champions Cup 2011 Team presentations – 26.09.2011

The Champions Cup (CC) 2011 is played in Mlada Boleslav, Czech Republic from 4th - 8th of October 2011.

There are six Men´s teams divided into two groups and below you will find the team presentations. From www.championscup.cz you can now find all detailed information about the first edition of the top club competition.

The groups playing in the Men´s CC are:
Group A: SSV Helsinki, SV Wiler-Ersigen, Billy Boy Mlada Boleslav 
Group B: Storvreta IBK, Tatran Omlux Stresovice, Tunet IBK
The two best teams in each group will advance to the semi-finals. More information about the teams and players from the links in green.

SSV Helsinki (FIN)

# 82 Mikael Järvi

# 50 Tero Tiitu

# 7 Harri Forsten

SSV Helsinki - SSV has won five consecutive Finnish Championships out of 11 in total and is one of the favourites in the Men´s CC. 
Players to be noted: 
Mikael Järvi: the captain of SSV and the national team, who is known for stepping up in important matches. Järvi has collected the most Finnish championship gold medals with 10 in total. He was the top scored in the EFC 2010 Final round.
Tero Tiitu: the WFC 2010 All star forward is used to decide important games. He is a sharp weapon both in the offense and defence with his hard and accurate wrist shot.
Harri Forsten: A forward with great technique, who also settles important matches. In 2011 he was voted as the MVP by the Finnish League players.


SV Wiler-Ersigen (SUI)

 # 81 Esa Jussila

# 19 M. Hofbauer 

 # 14 Henrik Quist

SV Wiler-Ersigen- The Swiss team has an interesting mix with World-class players from top floorball countries and young and hungry players who want to succeed together.
Players to be noted: 
Esa Jussila: the Finnish national team player and World Champion who became the top scorer in the Swiss League for 2010/2011.
Matthias Hofbauer: a forward and captain who has played the most international matches and scored the most points in the Swiss national team. 
Henrik Quist: a Swedish National team defender who plays tough and has a great long distance shot.  

BILLY BOY Mlada Boleslav (CZE)

# 9 Petr Novotný

# 92 Ondřej Fojta 

# 50 Štěpán Slaný

Billy Boy Mlada Boleslav - Three times bronze medallists from Czech Fortuna Extraliga is chosen to be the sixth team qualified to Champions Cup 2011 as the team from the organising country.
Players to be noted: 
Petr Novotný: the captain of the team and the most experiences player. Novotný played in four WFC´s and his first WFC was already in 1996.
Ondřej Fojta: a forward and bronze medallist from the WFC 2010 in Finland where he scored 1+3 in six matches.
Štěpán Slaný: a defender that played his first WFC in 2008 and was also part of the WFC 2010 bronze team. The WFC 2010 was a success for Slaný as he collected 2+3.   

Storvreta IBK (SWE)

# 29 Mika Kohonen

# 12 H. Stenberg 

# 13 M. Samuelsson

Storvreta IBK - The reigning EFC champion aims to play a fast offensive game with good passing and a lot of one timers in the opponents zone. The goal is to win the Champions cup.
Player to be notes:
Mika Kohonen: one of the best players in the world who was awarded MVP in WFC 2010. Kohonen was also selected best player in both Finland and Sweden in 2011 and he is known for his amazing game understanding and technique.
Henrik Stenberg: a fast forward with great technique who was the top scorer in the EFC Final round in 2010.
Mattias Samuelsson: a very fast defender that likes go "cost to cost" and creates great scoring opportunities.

Tatran Stresovice (CZE)

# 27 Milan Fridrich

 # 69 TomᚠKafka

# 8 J. Von d. Pahlen

Tatran Stresovice - Tatran in the reigning champion in Czech Republic and the goal of the team is to advance to the finals.
Players to be noted: 
Milan Fridrich: the Czech national team captain who played in the WFC 2010 bronze team scoring 6+1.
TomᚠKafka: a very experienced goalkeeper who is one of the best goalies in the world. Kafka played an important role in the Czech WFC 2010 bronze team in and was elected the All Star goalie. He was also elected the All Star goalie in the EuroFloorball Cup Final round 2009.
Johan Von der Pahlen: a forward hungry for goals who has been the best scorer in the Czech Extraleague play-offs 2008-2011.                         

Tunet IBK (NOR)

# 7 Anton Eliasson

# 15 Ole M. Jansson

# 30 J. Goldstein

Tunet IBK - Tunet IBK is a team mixed with many young players and some experienced as well. Many of the players play for the national team. The aim for this team is to reach the semi- finals.
Players to be noted: 
Anton Eliasson: a tough forward who is strong in one against one situations.
Ole Martin Jansson: a young player (born 1993) who payed in the Norwegian Men´s U19 WFC team in spring 2011.
Jonas Goldstein: an experienced and tough player who has international experience from the EuroFloorball Cup Final round 2010.

From the IFF Champions Cup website you will find the schedule etc.