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IFF Registered Testing Pool players have their say – 12.04.2012

On March 31st 2012 the IFF RTP 1 period ended for the previous RTP 1 players and the IFF has now asked these athletes for their input and feedback about being included in the RTP 1 and their experience of submitting the daily whereabouts.

The IFF received feedback from 7 athletes: Daniel Calebsson, Josefina Eiremo, Jarno Ihme, Esa Jussila, Anu Peltokangas, Martin Richter and Daniela Stettler.

Different experiences of the RTP 1 period

The experience of being included in the RTP varied a lot, some athletes were of the opinion that it is important and good to focus on the out-of-competition testing in the fight against doping, whereas others thought that the out-of-competition testing in floorball is in vain and disliked having to submit the whereabouts.

 Daniel Calebsson (Sweden):
- It takes some time and it´s hard in the beginning, but of course it is good to work against doping.

 Anu Peltokangas (Finland):
- At first it was very hard to remember to fill my whereabouts into ADAMS, but then it came naturally. I was tested once at home, it went easily and the testing persons were nice. It was interesting to be part of the RTP 1 and get familiar with the ADAMS system, a little hard but interesting.

 Martin Richter (Czech Republic):
- I don´t find the program a good idea considering the current general position of the sport. I think it doesn´t help much in the fight against doping as the number of players chosen in the RTP is low. I would prefer more frequent testing during the matches for more players. This way it´s quite annoying to update the whereabouts knowing it is still a very amateur sport. The most annoying was to update the matches during the season and especially the play-offs.

 Jarno Ihme (Finland):
- I have quite nice feelings of the RTP period. I received good directions and  everything went quite smoothly. A lot to remember though when the calendar needs to be continuously updated.

 Josefina Eiremo (Sweden):
- It is really good that there is focus on the doping controls, it shows that floorball is a serious sport. For me it has been hard though, as I am a bit forgetful, to update the timeslot when for example going to the cabin overnight. Maybe there could be an easier version not having to update each day, but then the purpose might be lost.

 Esa Jussila (Finland):
- I hated it from the first moment until now. I think it is a violation of my privacy. In a team sport every athlete can be found at their training. Can´t see the point in giving needless information.

 Daniela Stettler (Switzerland):
- The actual submission of whereabouts was not difficult for me. The most difficult part for me was the mails from the IFF as I only speak a little English and always needed someone to help with the translations.

What would you tell the new RTP 1 players?

The players were also given the possibility to send their advice for the new RTP 1 players: 
- Just do the thing and don´t think about it, says Esa Jussila.
- It takes some time but you´ll learn along the way, Daniel Calebsson advices.

Some players also had some concrete ideas of how to keep the whereabouts up to date:
- I would recommend to fill whereabouts for the whole period and when games, practices or where you sleep changes, you update them to ADAMS. And that you check every week your whereabouts, says Anu Peltokangas.

- First learn how to use the ADAMS calendar. It takes time but makes future easier, is Jarno Ihme´s advice.

IFF receives valuable information

Since 2009 the IFF has had a Registered Testing Pool (RTP) for the purpose of out-of-competition testing in order to meet the requirements set by the World Anti-Doping Code.

Today more than 650 organisations are Code Signatories, IFF being one of them and the IFF Anti-doping program has being revised to meet the responsibilities set by the Code:

- This also means that we need to follow the International Standards for Testing including out-of-competition testing and whereabouts. I think it is very interesting to get the honest opinions from the RTP 1 players and the IFF received some useful feedback regarding, for example, the updating of the national league matches into ADAMS that we will discuss further with the WADA ADAMS teamMerita Bruun, IFF Anti-doping Administrator informs.

WADA´s ADAMS program continuously developing

In November 2011 there were some major improvements made in the ADAMS program in order to facilitate the updating of whereabouts. ADAMS now includes easily accessible guidelines that athletes can use whenever they have problems in filling in their whereabouts and more and more languages will be available (13 at the moment).

- Since I took over as the IFF Competition Coordinator after Kaarina Salomaa, I have been involved with assisting the players in updating the whereabouts, especially the new RTP1 athletes. This has also been a learning process for me and I believe the new tools developed by the WADA ADAMS team, with on-line tutorials and an updated calendar system, has really been of great assistance for both myself and the new RTP players, Sarah Mitchell explains.

More information about IFF Testing Pools and whereabouts from the IFF RTP web page.