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IFF Registered Testing Pool 1 athletes for the upcoming period – 16.03.2012

New athletes have been selected to the IFF Registered Testing Pool 1 (RTP 1) for the upcoming period.

The 14 RTP 1 athletes are sending whereabouts information through WADA´s web-based ADAMS program for the purpose of out-of-competition testing.

The whereabouts requirements changed, starting from January 2009, and since then top level athletes in both individual sports and team sports have been required to specify 1 hour each day during which they can be located at a specified location for testing.

The athletes inform, through the web-based ADAMS program, of their overnight accommodation and define the one hour time-slot for every day when they are available for testing. Also official matches and team trainings are reported into ADAMS.

The year is divided into four quarters (April-June, July-September, October-December, January-March). Before every quarter the athletes submit their whereabouts and during the quarter they need to update their information if they change their plans from the orginal submission.  

Selected athletes for IFF RTP 1 2012

IFF RTP 1 consists of a minimum of 14 athletes, seven men and seven women. The athletes are chosen every year from the top three countries according to the results of the previous World Championships. The 2012 IFF RTP 1 athletes were selected in February 2012 according to the following placings:

Previous World Championships´ results

Men (2010) Women (2011)
1. Finland Sweden
2. Sweden Finland
3. Czech Republic Czech Republic

The National Associations of the top three countries propose 10 of their top players to the IFF and the IFF choose the players according to this pattern:

  • 3 players from each of the Men´s & Women´s reigning World Champion nations
  • 2 players from each of the Men´s & Women´s 2nd placed nations
  • 2 players from each of the Men´s & Women´s 3rd placed nations

IFF RTP 1 athletes (1st of April 2012 - 31st of March 2013, preliminary period):
Name, Club, National team

Denisa Billá, Herbadent SJM Praha 11, Czech Republic
Eric Björk, IBF Falun, Sweden
Alexander Egebrant, AIK, Sweden
Milan Fridrich, Tatran Stresovice, Czech Republic
Sara Hjorting, Pixbo Wallenstam IBK, Sweden
Ales Jakubek, GC Zurich, Czech Republic
Henri Johansson, Nokian KRP, Finland
Laura Kokko, Red Ants Rychenberg Winterthur, Finland
Minna Korhonen, SC Classic, Finland
Hanka Lacková, Zug United, Czech Republic
Saku Lehti, SSV, Finland
Mika Moilanen, Tapanilan Erä, Finland
Sanna Scheer, Rönnby IBK, Sweden
Emelie Wibron, IKSU, Sweden

Read more from the IFF Registered Testing pool webpage or from the WADA webpage