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Injuries during the international floorball tournaments from 2012 to 2015 – 16.03.2017

Kati Pasanen from Tampere Research Center of Sports Medicine together with Tommi Vasankari and the IFF have now published the first study on floorball injuries in international tournaments. 

The IFF has been collecting injury statistics from the IFF Champions Cup and the adults’ WFC since 2012. The aim has been to define the injury risks not only by collecting important epidemiological information, but also by gaining direction for injury prevention and comparing injury statistics in floorball with other sports.

The article “Injuries during the international floorball tournaments from 2012 to 2015” has now been published on the BMJ Open Sport & Exercise Medicine. The main conclusions were that risk of injury during IFF tournaments was lower than in many other team sports at the highest level of play. The majority of the injuries occurred during games and had a sudden onset. Preventive actions should focus on acute ankle and knee injuries as well as head and face injuries.

You can read the whole study here.

Kati Pasanen (Tampere Research Center of Sports Medicine, UKK Institute for Health Promotion Research)
Merita Bruun (International Floorball Federation)
Tommi Vasankari (UKK Institute for Health Promotion Research)
Minna Nurminen (International Floorball Federation)
Walter O Frey (Balgrist Movemed, Balgrist University Hospital & IFF Medical Committee Chair)

The IFF is still collecting injury statistics from Champions Cup and adults’ WFC in order to gain even more information.