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Victory for both the Singaporean teams – 21.12.2014

Singapore´s Men has won the 1st South-East Asian Floorball Championships with 9-4, after a very exiting match, where both teams at times had the keys for success, but Singapore found the means to break the tight Malaysian defense in the second period.

The Women´s South-East Asian Floorball Championships finals ended in a home victory for the Singaporean ladies after an exciting match with 9-2, were Malaysia showed that there is potential in their game. The pre-tournament of the SEA Games has worked very well and all teams have developed during the tournament.

Unstoppable Singaporean ladies

The Singapore ladies came in strong in the first period and put the Malaysian defense to a real test, but the Malaysian took on attack after attack, where the Singaporeans were forced to shoot from far away. It was a little surprisingly the Malaysian and was actually able to use one of their strong counterattacks to their advantage taking a 1-0 lead in the first period in the final. Singapore made some structural changes to their attacks trying to play the ball in front of the goal. Malaysia had a hard time finding ways to stop the Singaporean forwards moving in and out in the goal crease, which paid off well with at least five goals scored just in front of the really well playing Malaysian goalie.

In the third period the Malaysian fought gallantly, but were not yet able to find an advantage over the Singaporeans, who continued to move the ball out of reach of the Malaysians. The game ended with a 9-2 victory for Singapore ensuring them the Gold medals of the 1st SEA Floorball Championships. Malaysia will however give a good challenge to Singapore in the SEA Games, if they will have some time to train together, that much their game was enhanced during the tournament.

 Singapore found the cure in the second period

As expected the Men’s Final in the SEA Championships started off with a very controlled play from both teams. Malyasia had chosen to back home to half field, letting Singapore play on the sides, as anticipated by the Singaporean coach Mr. Saravanan before the game. Singapore’s forwards tried to play the ball around looking for open sectors to the goal, but the Malaysian defense were usually first on the loose balls, giving them the possibility to fast transitions. Both teams used their chances quite well scoring in turns up to 2-2. Singapore was able to re-take the lead, with 3-2 in the end of the first period short-handed when Jenmark Sorreda broke loose to surprise the Malaysian goalie.

Singapore took total control over the game after a beautiful power play goal placed in the top left corner, scored from a long midline cross pass in the second period, increasing the lead to 4-2. Having found the weak spot of the Malaysian defense the Singaporeans scored four similar long cross pass goals, tying the game with 9-2 after two periods. 

The third period was a mere formality, as Singapore didn’t press as much as earlier. The game became quite rough at times, with a number of bench penalties for both teams. But no power play goals were scored. Malaysia was able to score two more goals 5 vs. 5, but was not able to really challenge Singapore’s 9-4 victory.