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Day 3 of the SEA Floorball Championships – 20.12.2014

The SEA Floorball Championships was organised to give especially Indonesia and the Philippines a possibility to test their teams, in front of the SEA Games in June. The development curve of the teams participating in their first International tournament has been really positive and the level of the games have risen significantly during the tournament. In this aspect the South-East Asian (SEA) Floorball Championships is filling its purpose as the teams have enhanced their performance drasticly.

The third day of the South-East Asian Floorball Championships brought a first international goal also for the Philippine ladies in the game against Indonesia. The 1-1 goal was scored by Julien Mariano in the first period. The Philippines put up a great defensive effort, blocking a vast number of shots and building their counterattacks on these interceptions. The Philippines had to place a field player in goal, since both ordinary goalies were injured. But this didn’t slow them down, even if they after getting quite tired lost a little bit of focus towards the end and could not resist the well shooting Indonesian team from taking a 7-2 victory, after having played really well for 35 minutes.

Picture taken by Vox Sports

The Malaysian and Philippine men gave a really entertaining performance in their match, with a lot of goal scoring situations in both ends of the field. The Philippines however had problems staying out of the penalty bench during the whole game, giving the Malaysians a clear advantage, as it took the Philippines a lot of time to get their game re-organised again after the penalties. It neither helped that the Malaysians scored a few power play goals, giving them a 5-1 lead in the middle of the game. Malaysia was able to move the action into the Philippian zone in the third period, by putting hard pressure on their defense, forcing the Philippines to drop down low and thus giving Malaysia the opportunity to score from far away taking a clear victory in the end by 8-1
Also the Indonesian Men’s team showed a significant improvement in the match against the Singapore, who came well prepared into the match giving no free chances to the hard trying Indonesians. The match was really tight, but Indonesia still made more defensive mistakes, which Singapore used to their advantage. In the end the match ended 7-1 to Singapore, but Indonesia gave a clear warning that they are there to fight for a medal in the SEA Games. This meant that Singapore will meet Malaysia in the Men´s Final and Indonesia will play against the Philippines for the third place tomorrow.

         Picture taken by Vox Sports

In the last match of the day, Singapore’s Women faced Malaysia in a match that would determine the finalists of the tournament. After Malaysia’s draw against Indonesia, Malaysia needed to keep the goal difference low to secure their place in the final of the tournament. Singapore created a lot of chances in front of the Malaysian goal and as a result of this took a 4-0 lead in the end of the first period. The Malaysians got a better grip of the game in the second and especially the third period, but Singapore still took an fairly easy victory with 7-0, but Malaysia gets a new chance in the Final tomorrow.