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New floorball brand BLIND SAVE launched – 09.05.2012

A new floorball brand was established in May 2012 to develop professional and innovative floorball goalie equipment.

BLIND SAVE is a Latvian company specializing in a protection line for goalies and will be expanding a product line with other goalie equipment as well as exciting product developments in other areas of floorball.

BLIND SAVE offers new and effective solutions for floorball goalie equipment. The goalie plays a huge role in floorball game, that’s why BLIND SAVE wants to improve the equipment:
- Our product is different from the others because we have spent time considering everything a goalkeeper will need to improve their game. We have created a product that is developed step-by-step in order to be original and to cater to each goalie´s specific needs, says Andis Blinds, CEO of BLIND SAVE.

In response to these initiatives and success President of Latvian Floorball Union Ilvis Pētersons shared his views:
- This is a commendable activity, and at the same time of great courage! Knowing Andis Blinds perseverance, determination athletic outcomes, as well as the desire to always be the best, I am confident that these qualities will help him to develop and constantly improve their products to help athletes avoid injury during the game and possible injuries, however, because health is, and always will be the first place. Hope Blind save manufactured equipment will be recognized and popular not only for domestic athletes, but also across national borders, thus, becoming one of the Latvian success stories!

BLIND SAVE production began with innovative knee pads for goalies as the knee pads are the most important part of all goalie equipment. The selling point of BLIND SAVE knee pads include the changeable padding (3cm thick!) and design that keeps the pads from slipping down the leg. Also BLIND SAVE is offering new and extended elbow protectors for goalie and calf protectors for all players. All products provide a high comfort level and works with a specialized orthopedic effect. At the same time company is working on new product development and very soon BLIND SAVE will launch a new chest vest and goalie gloves.

The facilities of manufacturing are located in Europe (Latvia) and the main focus is on product functionality. What that means to us is to improve a product’s performance as well as produce a product at a higher quality. In order to ensure this standard of quality for every piece of equipment, each product is handmade in EU.

BLIND SAVE has entered a new aspect of business development and is excited to announce that we are now in cooperation with the Latvian floorball union and will be outfitting Latvian National teams with BLIND SAVE goalie equipment.

For product purchase please visit us online at www.blindsave.com while we continue development on local dealer networks.

More information on products and the history of our company can also be found at www.blindsave.com. Follow us on twitter @BlindSave and join our Facebook fan page www.facebook.com/blindsave.
Phone: +371 26533599