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EFC 2016 Women´s team presentations – 26.09.2016

Six teams will compete in the Women’s category of EuroFloorball Cup 2016. The EFC is played in Weissenfels, Germany on the 5th - 9th of October 2016.

The EuroFloorball Cup is the championship tournament for the 5th and lower ranked European national club champions and is played with 6 teams for both men and women (12 teams in total).

The EFC 2016 winners in Women´s and Men´s categories will qualify directly to Champions Cup 2017. When the EFC winners participate in Champions Cup 2017 they will each receive 5,000 CHF prize money.

More information about the tournament can be found on the IFF EFC 2016 web page

Group A

Saint Petersburg United
Russian SPB United consists of players from various clubs and it is one of the strongest teams in Russia. The team has repeatedly won silver and bronze medal from the Floorball Championship of Russia. Several players are also candidates for the Russian National team.
Players to watch:
Elena Kolodiazhnaia Team captain who is universal and tactically competent player. In her debut match in the Russian national team, she scored a goal in 8 seconds after she entered the rink.
Ekaterina Bureva Forward who is the top scorer of the team.
Aleksandra Lifshitc Universal and tactically competent player, with good playing skills.

#92 E. Kolodiazhnaia

#77 E. Bureva

#13 A. Lifshitc


SK Fbk Kometa Spisska Nova Ves 
Young and talented Slovakian team who is participating in a big international tournament for the very first time. Despite of that, the team is very skilled and confident to win a medal.

Players to watch:
Paulina Hudakova First of the Hudak twins - young girl with an awesome shooting and stick handling skills, she is a natural sniper.
Kristina Hudakova  Second of the Hudak twins - power left winger with a strong drive to the net.
Klara Grossova Very young and talented center with an impressive footwork and quick release shot.

#99 P. Hudakova

#88 K. Hudakova

#18 K. Grossova

UHC Sparkasse Weissenfels  
German UHC Weissenfels has a good mix of young and more experienced players, who would like to show attractive and exciting women´s floorball in front of their home audience. The aim for the EFC 2016 is to play on their highest level and give their best performance in each game in order to reach their goal. UHC Weissenfels wants to participate in the semi-final.

Players to watch:
Sara Patzelt Perfect team player: smart, fast and always in right position to make the right decision. She gives everything for the team in every game and makes the line mates look better. A player who never gives up.
Pauline Baumgarten Goalie´s nightmare! She can shoot from everywhere and from all positions. Her shot is incredibly accurate and hard. She can also find line mates with smart passes and surprises goalies just when they think they can read her game.
Tina Andra Tina makes everything look so easy, that people don´t even understand how many smart things she is doing on the field. Everything looks so natural and easy. She doesn´t usually do things that makes people jump from their seats, but everything she does in the game, are things that make her team win.

#16 S. Patzelt

#5 P. Baumgarten

#21 T. Andra


Group B


Sveiva IB 
This Norwegian team is hungry for success and relies on an interesting mix of skilful youngsters and excellent players with routine. With an advantage of really positive team spirit, Sveiva wants to play in the final! 

Players to watch:
Erica Hellberg A strong defender with a very good long distance shot. She has good ball possession, a great overview on the field and a hard shot.
Anette Marie Berg Experienced player with speed, strength and good decision making skills. A leading player who takes initiatives on the field. She is a defender that has lately proved to be also a great forward.
Julie Gidske A young and very talented player with plenty of international experience. Forward with an excellent technique and a very dangerous shot.

#45 E. Hellberg

#24 A.M. Berg

#9 J. Gidske


Olimpia Osowa Gdansk 
Currently the best team in Poland. Club from Gdansk has already won six champion titles which is the best result in the Polish league. With the mix of experienced players and young talents, the club believes in winning the EFC 2016.

Players to watch:
Weronika Gradzka One of the youngest players in the team. Very talented, she can surprise by her fresh look in the game. In the future she might be a key player in the team.
Maja Stenka Player who doesn´t like easy and schematic games but prefers creative passes. Not only effective, but also efficient. The best scorer in the team.
Hanna Samson Team´s captain, versatile and a hard-working player. One of the team´s most experienced players.

#7 W. Gradzka

#11 M. Stenka

#89 H. Samson


MFBC Grimma 
German MFBC Grimma has a mix of experienced and young players. Team´s greatest strength is their fighting spirit. All the major players are in the EFC 2016 and they want to reach the semi-finals.

Players to watch:
Julia Lucia Bran A young goalkeeper  who knows how to keep calm and has good reflexes. Provides a lot of support for the defence.
Sabine Wagner Captain of the team, who is a fighter and a leader, paragon for the younger players.
Charlotte Russel Team´s hard-running, up-and-coming talent with an enormous competition spirit.

#1 J. Bran

#4 S. Wagner

#9 C. Russel