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IFF CB meeting 1/2011: IFF CB Committees 2011 - 2012 elected – 21.01.2011

The IFF Central Board (CB) has elected the following members to the IFF CB Committees, (RACC, RC and MC), for 2011 - 2012.

The Committees chairs were already elected during the IFF Central Board´s meeting on Saturday 11th of December 2010. The Committee vice chairs and members were elected by the CB in its per campsulam meeting on January 20th 2011.

Read more from the Minutes from the IFF CB Meeting 1/2011 pubished under Organisation and Meetings.

More detailed information of the IFF Committees here.

Rules- and Competition Committee (RACC)  

Filip Suman, Czech Republic
Vice chair:
Martin Wolmhed, Sweden 
Marek Budzinski, Poland
Heidemarie Leb, Austria
Sani Mohammed Salim, Singapore
Ari Vehniäinen, Finland   
Beat Wullschleger, Switzerland (new)
Substitute members:
Ramezanali Davalo
, Iran (new)
Andrís Dzenis, Latvia
Jan Jirovský, Czech Republic (new)
Michael Lachenmaier, Germany 

Referee Committee (RC)

Hans Botman, Netherlands
Vice chair:
Thomas Thim, Sweden 
Pierre Michel Boudville
, Singapore (new)
Lukas Gyger, Switzerland  
Klaus Koskela, Finland        
Jan Nordli, Norway 
Substitute members:
Juris Kokainis
, Latvia (new)
Petr Michálek, Czech Republic (new)

Medical Committee (MC)

Walter O. Frey
, Switzerland    
Vice Chair:
Tiina Nylander
, Finland
Patricia Wallace
, Australia  
Lars Erik Bartels, Denmark
Thor Halse, Sweden
Liene Kozlovska, Latvia (new)