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Final4 in Berlin pulverizes German floorball records – 23.03.2018

With 1 820 visitors, huge media coverage, exciting matches and a perfect organization the Final4 2018 held in Berlin lived up to all its promises. This year’s cup champions are UHC Weißenfels (men) and MFBC Grimma (women).

After the setup of the hall the event kicked off on Friday evening with the traditional Final4 night tournament counting 20 participating teams from all over Germany and a special penalty competition. On Saturday first workshops for goalies, coaches and field players followed, before the semi-finals started.

In the ladies’ competition Bonn succeeded against Dümpten (4:2) and Grimma against Wernigerode / Chemnitz (9:4). The first attendance record got broken already during the male semi-final between Berlin and Wernigerode. 1.350 visitors saw home team and outsider BAT coming back from a 0:2 in the last period, but still losing 2:3 in overtime. In the second semi-final Weißenfels eliminated Lilienthal with 10:7.

On Sunday the day began with a large kid’s tournament, 22 teams in five categories competed on five courts, next some additional show elements. After a promotional match between local ice-hockey and floorball players the male final was launched. At the end of the first period the official staff counted 1.820 visitors, more than ever before at a floorball match on German soil.

Though Wernigerode was leading 5:3 in the last period, Weißenfels managed to come back strong and win with 6:7. In the women’s final Grimma had to go through a tough fight against underdog Bonn, but succeeded with 4:2 in the end.

“We are incredibly proud! “admits Jan Kratochvil, Head of Organisation. „But without our 100 dedicated volunteers all of this wouldn’t have been possible. “A very important achievement he sees in the interest of the media. „With TV coverage by RBB and MDR as well as a strong presence in printed newspapers the Final4 was a huge step forward. Now we have to profit from it and build up on that. It must be only the beginning “, says Kratochvil.

Source and photos: BAT Berlin