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Finnish Floorball Federation renewed their Brand and Visual identity – 12.09.2017

Finnish Floorball Federation released their new brand and visual identity on press conference held last Friday in connection to the FIN-SWE Challenge at Energia Areena, Vantaa.

- Our new visual identity is based on clearance, simplicity and unity. Main elements in the new logo are the symbol (ball), name (Salibandy) and our customer promise (Love the way you play). United visual identity promotes awareness of floorball and strengthens Finnish Floorball´s image in the long term when used methodically, states Kari Lampinen, Executive Director of the Finnish Floorball Federation.   

Main colour of the symbol and the name is dark blue, while additional colours consist of different shades of blue.

Visual identity is just one part of the brand renewal at the Finnish Floorball Federation.
- We are competing with other sports, but nowadays also more and more with people´s spare time. It is extremely significant how we can stand out from the mass. Furthermore, our brand and image are affected by our decisions, acts in everyday life and how we communicate, Lampinen reminds.

- By acting with an attitude of a top scorer, we can build the image of Finnish Floorball as brave, passionate, communal and pioneer sports, he trusts.

The new visual identity is shown from now on widely on Finnish Floorball Federations´ media channels, marketing and promoting materials, national teams’ uniforms and outfits.

Using the different elements of the new visual identity, textures and additional colours, the new brand can be modified for many different purposes (Cup, Superfinal etc.)  

In the same connection Finnish Floorball Federations´ new URL on internet is www.salibandy.fi and email addresses firstname.lastname@salibandy.fi