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Play-offs in Italy – 20.03.2017

The regular season has ended in Italy and six teams have qualified for the play-offs.

The play-offs are played as follows: quarterfinals and semi-finals are played as double matches where the total score is counted. In case the total amount is equal after the two games, the match will go to overtime and after that to penalty shots. The final is played as a single match.

The first two teams, SSV Diamante and Floorball L’Aquila, are hence directly qualified for the semi-finals while the quarterfinals will be played March 24-25 as follows:
Viking Roma v ASC Algund
FBC Bozen (reigning champions) v UF Gargazon Liftex

Among the six teams it could be noted that two teams are from the centre of Italy while four teams come from the traditionally strong region of Alto Adige.

A brief presentation of each team:
Floorball L’Aquila: two-time champions and last year’s runner-up, had a very strong regular season
SSV Diamante: five-time champions and traditionally one of the strongest teams
Viking Roma: two titles, young team with a strong defence
FBC Bozen: five titles and reigning champions, very experienced team
UF Gargazon Liftex: strong challenger that has never made it to the final
ASC Algund: outsider, very young team that is gaining experience quickly

Source: Floorball Italy