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IFF lifts suspension of Russian Floorball and NFFR – 14.07.2017

The National Floorball Federation of Russia (NFFR) has today settled its outstanding debts to the IFF and fulfilled the requirements put on them by the IFF Central Board as a part of the suspension. The IFF has during the past months negotiated concerning the conditions of a lift of the suspension.

The IFF administration hereby lifts the suspension of the Russian Floorball and the NFFR. In order to secure the future participation of Russian teams in International Club, National team tournaments and the IFF Events. This will also make It possible for Russian teams to participate in education seminars given by IFF or its members. The NFFR has at the same time registered a team for the U19 WFC 2018.

The lift is provisional until it has been confirmed by the IFF CB on the 28th of July. In order for the NFFR to be able to better control and lead Russian Floorball, no Russian team, nor Junior or Adult may participate in tournaments or educations in an IFF member country without a written permission from the NFFR. The NFFR is responsible to inform the IFF about which team and what event Russian teams are participating in.

In order to give Russian teams the possibility to quickly return to International activities and get more structure in Russian Floorball, IFF is pleased to lift the suspension of Russian Floorball today, says IFF secretary general John Liljelund