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TWG Team Presentation: Finland – 10.07.2017

Team Finland are the reigning World Champions and it can be assumed that their goal is to take home another title at The World Games. The head coach Petteri Nykky said in his interview that holding the reigns of the reigning champions won´t add extra pressure (read the full interview here). The team has suffered some injuries, but that won´t stop them.

How did you decide on this roster?
You could almost say it was easy because we had to pick the survivors. The deadline for the first list was so early that there were quite a number of injuries after that and we ended up with not too many players to name on the final list.

What kind of a team do you have?
Nevertheless, we have a good team. We were able to find two competent players for every position and these are good guys indeed.

If you would need to use only three words to describe the team, what would they be?
Our team is skilfull, cunning and fighting.

What are your team’s strengths and weaknesses?
Our team consists of competent players who have experienced tough situations and know what it takes to win big games. After all the injuries, some concern remains about everyone´s having got back in full shape.

Which three players people should watch and why?
Nico Salo: A world-class center.
Krister Savonen: A defender with quite a skill in handling the ball
Peter Kotilainen: A forward with unique hunger for scoring goals.