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TWG Player Interviews: Galante-Carlström & Nilsson – 06.07.2017

Alexander Galante-Carlström is known as a sniper and was elected as the World´s best floorball player 2016. Kim Nilsson is also known as a top scorer and has been elected as the World´s best floorball player in 2014.

  Alexander Galante-Carlström
Player number: 9
Current position: Forward
Grip: right
Height: 171
Date of birth: 30.01.1989
Country of birth: Sweden
Current Club: IBF Falun
Original Club: Westra Aros IK
  Kim Nilsson
Player number: 7
Current position: Forward
Grip: left
Height: 193
Date of birth: 28.03.1988
Country of birth: Sweden
Current Club: FBC Kalmarsund
Original Club: Farjestadens IBK

How does it feel to be part of the national team?
Alexander: Of course it’s an honour to play for my team and my country. Playing for the Swedish team is incredibly fun.Kim: It’s pretty cool of course. We lost the final in December against Finland, I’m just 29 years-old and I hope I can play more years.

What is your role in the national team?
Alexander: It’s the same role as I have in Falun. I score goals and do points to help my team.
Kim: I’m here to work hard like everybody else but also to be what we do in the end. To score and to make good passes. That is my role I think.

How does it feel to be playing at TWG?
Alexander: It means a lot. It’s a great tournament. It’s a tournament for the Olympics and we meet different countries like USA who I have not played against before, so it’s going to be fun.
Kim: Something new for me and also for floorball. It’s really important to go there and show how great we are as a sport so it’s really important.

Who would you say is your toughest opponent at TWG?
Alexander: Of course it’s Finland. They won the WFC title so I can’t say any other team. They are always our biggest rival.
Kim: I have played against many good players and I think team Finland is the great one. But of course they have good players like Tatu Väänänen. I played against him many times in Switzerland and also in the national team. They have a great team.

How did you start playing floorball?
Alexander: I started playing when I was 6 because my football team had nothing to do in the winter. So we just played floorball and I liked it so we started a team.
Kim: I think I was also 6 years old. I played football a lot, but tried floorball on the street and then went to the games and I was sold.

What has been your most memorable floorball moment so far?
Alexander: I think when we won the first medal with IBF Falun, the Swedish Cup. It was the first thing I ever won so it was incredible.
Kim: I think the first WFC that we won in Switzerland, it was important to me because we lost the WFC 2010 Final to Finland and then we came back and played really good. So it’s a great memory for me.

Who do you look up to? Any idols?
Kim: Actually when I started playing floorball we couldn’t see any online floorball or tv games so it was more ice hockey that we looked at. And Peter Forsberg was the one for me.
Alexander: I have to say the same as Kim. So Peter Forsberg, the hockey legend.