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Men’s Play-Offs in Sweden – 15.03.2017

The first Swedish Men’s play-off matches will be played tomorrow.

IBF Falun won the regular season with 64 points. Next up with 60 points were Växjö IBK and Mullsjö AIS. Reigning champions Storvreta IBK came fourth with 58 points. Out of the 14 teams, 8 will play in the play-offs, 2 last teams will face play-outs and the rest of the teams’ seasons end.

S = Matches played, V = Wins, O = Ties, SDV = Overtime wins, F = Losses, GM = Goals scored, IM = Goals scored against, D = Goal difference, P = Points

Play-Off pairs:
Växjö IBK – Pixbo Wallenstam
Storvreta IBK – IBK Dalen
Mullsjö AIS – Linköping IBK
IBF Falun – FC Helsingborg

The first quarterfinal matches will be played on Thursday tomorrow. The play-offs will be played with a best of seven system.

Source: www.innebandy.se
Photos: Per Wiklund