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XF Ball - Educational Floorball platform – 26.01.2014

The Swedish-based Company Excellent Floorball, together with the International Floorball Federation (IFF), have designed and developed XFBall, an educational platform for creating animated floorball plays and drills, making it easier to plan and execute trainings.

The service will be available worldwide on January 27th. The release coincides with the start of the 10th IFF Men’s World Floorball Championships Qualifications.

XFBall users can create animated plays and drills and share them with players, teams and coaches, even parents and teachers. The practice drills can then be viewed before practice at home, saving time for more on-court activity for players, instead of standing and listening to coaches explain the practice drills. It will also make it much easier to build a library of practices for a team or even a whole club.

XFBall platform for IFF Member Associations

XFBall and IFF have agreed that each IFF Member Association will receive 15% of the net income generated from all of the XFBall Premium users in their respective country, in compensation for the active marketing of the Project in their respective channels.

Each Member Association participating in the Project chooses how they will best market the project to optimise their compensation. The Premium user statistics and financial results for each country will be reported to each respective National Member Association by the IFF on a six month cycle.

To help develop your coaches in the best way the following is suggested:
• Market XFBall on your website and at your larger floorball events, with an active link to the XFBall homepage. Logos and instructions can be downloaded from XFBall’s website. www.xfball.com
• Use XFBall in all your floorball training courses and educate your coaches in the use of XFBall.
• Take advantage of XFBall’s free training support to IFF National Member Associations, as well as two free premium XFBall accounts for your national instructors working with your association’s national training program. Contact XFBall at support@xfball.com with your country’s contact details to get started.

Sign in to use the XFBall platform

1. Go to www.xfball.com
2. Click the link "Sign up for free here!"
3. Fill in your user details and press "Sign up"
4. Fill in your profile information and press "Save"
5. Done!
(You will recieve an email asking you to validate your account after the registration. This will be useful for future functionality)

XFBall Guided Video Tour: