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Join the floorball conversation in English! – 11.09.2018

A new online forum is opened by the Finnish Floorball website Paakallo.fi. The idea is to spread conversation about floorball and a special section in English is included.

According to the editor-in-chief Joel Siltanen, the international part of the forum is important. The "Floorball in English" -section, is expected to bring international floorball enthusiasts to discuss about their passion, floorball. In the English section, participants can share their sport specific knowledge related to, for example coaching and other areas. Different national leagues can also be discussed on the website.

Photo: Screenshot from Paakallo.fi

Already several conversations are existing on the forum, but users can also open new conversations based on their own interests. To start a conversation, the participants must register with a valid email address.

Floorball in English - forum can be found from: paakallo.fi/keskustelu/forums/floorball-in-english