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IFF Logos

These guidelines are intended to serve as check-list for the IFF Member Associations, when they are both planning and using the IFF Corporate Identity in the Events they are organizing.

The organizer commits to use the logo and the identity of IFF, in accordance with good manners and what is generally accepted in the sporting world. They are not to be used in any way that would harm the general interest or brand image of Floorball and the IFF.

If any question arises, in relation to the use of the IFF Event Visual Identity, please feel free to contact the IFF secretary general directly by email at liljelund(at)floorball.org.

The IFF Event Corporate identity consists of three different single elements:
- The IFF logo
- The IFF Event Corporate Identity
- The Event Image Component

IFF Event Corporate Identity Guidelines

IFF Event coporate identity guidelines

IFF Event Corporate Identity Guidelines _06_2017.pdf



(For any other versions of the logo please contact IFF)

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