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IFF School Curriculum & Street/Urban Floorball3+

The International Floorball Federation (IFF) has published a School Curriculum that helps Associations and School Authorities to introduce Floorball. The Curriculum also includes information about Street/Urban Floorball3+ and Points Master.

IFF Street Floorball 3+ (ESP)


For Browsing

IFF School Curr.Urban.pdf



Floorball Points Master
An easy and fun way to play floorball, where the teams change every 3-4 minutes. Floorball Points Master can be played anywhere with a minimum of six players. Available in English, German and Swedish.

The Floorball Points Master is also available as a mobile app for iOS and Android.

Floorball Points Master

Floorball Points Master.pdf


Tabellinnebandy SWE.pdf

Taulukkosähly FIN


Floorball Points Master Spanish


Floorball Points Master in German with instructions




IFF Event Handbook 2016

How to organise successful Floorball Events. The updated IFF Event Handbook can be accessed in several ways:

PDF: Each section can be individually downloaded in PDF from the links below.

Issuu: The whole Event handbook can be read or downloaded on issuu: http://issuu.com/iff_floorball/docs/iff_event_handbook_2016

CD: A copy of the Event Handbook can be ordered on CD from the IFF office: office(at)floorball.org for the minimum postage cost of 5CHF.


00 Introduction.pdf


01 General Information.pdf


02 Competition.pdf


03 Logistics & Materials.pdf


04 Finance & Marketing.pdf


05 Media.pdf


06 Staff & Volunteers.pdf


07 Anti-Doping.pdf


08 IFF Officials.pdf


09 VIP Services.pdf


10 Adjacent events.pdf



IFF Events Mobile App - download free!

Follow the game with live scores, game notifications and real-time game statistics. Get the latest news from IFF, socialise by guessing game winners and personalise your App by making your favourite list of games and teams.

Follow the following IFF Events on the IFF Mobile App:

> Men´s & Women´s World Floorball Championships
> Men´s U19 & Women´s U19 World Floorball Championships
> Champions Cup



GoGirls! Floorball

The IFF´s project to help Clubs, Local Organisations, National Associations, Parents and Coaches develop and encourage girl´s and women´s participation in Floorball.

Afternoon Club

Go Girls! Afternoon Club start-up.pdf

Buddy Training

Go Girls! Buddy Training.pdf

Designing Programmes

Go Girls! Designing Programmes for Girls.pdf

Financing Programmes

Go Girls! Financing new programmes.pdf

Parents, Coaches & Role Models

Go Girls! The Important People.pdf

Understanding Participation

Go Girls! Why do girls participate & what makes them stop.pdf

Barriers to Participation

Go Girls! Barriers to participation.pdf

Benefits of Participation

Go Girls! Benefits of participation.pdf

Encouraging Participation - Clubs, National Associations, Leaders & Schools

Go Girls! Encouraging participation.pdf

Encouraging Participation - Quick Guide

Go Girls! Encouraging participation - Quick Guide.pdf

Guide for Parents

Go Girls! Parent´s Guide.pdf

GoGirls! Floorball in GERMAN




This is Floorball - 25th Anniversary edition

This material presents the histiory of the IFF and Floorball from the start until the IOC recognition. The Floorball player profiles from the past, the present and the future are also presented, giving a face to Floorball.

The web-magazine version of the material can be read on issuu (www.issuu.com/iff_floorball).
The booklet can also be ordered from the IFF Office, office(at)floorball.org, and the price is 8 CHF (5€), (+ minimum postal fee 5 CHF)



Individual Technique and Goalkeeping coaching DVDs can be ordered from the IFF office (office(at)floorball.org). The price for the DVD´s is 25 CHF/double DVD (+postal fee 10 CHF).

Coaching DVD´s includes Guidance for players and coaches, as well as practical drills. Two DVD‘s with English commentary and subtitles in: French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Japanese (only individual technique DVD).



Flyer presenting floorball and the IFF

Floorball & Floorball history
IFF & IFF Development work
IFF Events & IFF Materials

Also available on issuu.com/iff_floorball

IFF flyer high resolution (print)


IFF flyer low resolution (web)




Basic referee education material

The material is meant for basic training and will give more tools for the referee trainers when training referees.

It can be loaded as PDF or PPT. For more information you can contact the IFF operations coordinator Mr. Veli Halonen

Material Arbitral Básico

Material Arbitral Básico 2012.ppt

Osnovi izobrazevalni prirocnik za sodnike

IFF Osnovi izobrazevalni prirocnik za sodnike.ppt

L´Essentiel de l´arbitage

IFF - LEssentiel de lArbitrage_1.pdf

Basic IFF Referee Educationa Material 2014 PPT

IFF Basic ref mat 2014 update.ppt

Basic IFF Referee Educational Material 2014 PDF

IFF Basic ref mat 2014 update [Compatibility Mode].pdf



Special Situations and Goalkeeping
Includes Instructions and Drills.

The web-magazine version of the material can be read on issuu (www.issuu.com/iff_floorball).

Special Situations and Goalkeeping


Special Situations and Goalkeeping in Polish

Sytuacje specjalne oraz gra bramkarza_polish version.pdf



Learn, Start, Play
Learning the game, starting up the organisation and playing in different ways.

This material can be downloaded in English, Spanish and in Mongolian.

The web-magazine version of the material can be read on issuu (www.issuu.com/iff_floorball).

The printed version of the Learn, Start, Play material, can be ordered from the IFF Office (office(at)floorball.org) and the price is 8 CHF (5€), (+minimum 5 CHF postal fee)

Learn, Start, Play


Printable version of Learn-Start-Play


Learn, Start, Play in Mongolian


Learn, Start, Play in Spanish




Individual Technique and Tactics
Teaching Individual Technique and Tactics in Floorball/Instruction and Drills
- available in English, Estonian, Polish and for the
Bosnia–Herzegovina/Serbia/Montenegro/Croatia Language area

The web-magazine version of the material can be read on issuu (www.issuu.com/iff_floorball).

Individual Technique and Tactics.pdf

Treenerite tasemekoolitus Saalihoki

Individual Technique and Tactics_Estonian version08.pdf

Invidualne tehnike I taktike (Bosnia–Herzegovina etc)

Individualne tehnike i taktike.pdf

Individual Technique and Tactics in Polish

Individual Technique and Tactics - Polska wersja_1.pdf



Team Tactics
Teaching team tactics in Floorball; Instructions and Drills

The web-magazine version of the material can be read on issuu (www.issuu.com/iff_floorball).

Team Tactics




Rules of the Game
Newest version of the official IFF Rules of the Game. Valid from 1st of July 2014.

Rules of the game

Rules of the Game Edition 2014 (ENGLISH).pdf

Rules of the game (in Ukrainian)

Rules of the Game in Ukrainian.pdf



IFF Social Media Guide 2014

IFF Social Media Guide

IFF Social Media Guide 2014.pdf



Floorball Youth Start Up Kit.
A Manual of how to teach Floorball to juniors.

This booklet is found in several languages:

Opstartkit voor de Jeugdspelers- Floorball leren aan Jeugdspelers - Dutch version
Guía de Comienzo. Enseñar Floorball A Jóvenes.esp.pdf
Unihockey für Jugendliche. Ein Handbuch für Unihockey-Trainer.pdf
Kit de démarrage pour jeunes - kit_français.pdf
Guia de Iniciacao. Ensinar Floorball a Jovens.pdf
Manuale D´Inizio per i Giovani. Insegnare il Floorball ai giovani.ita.pdf
Youth Start Up Kit_Slovenian version.pdf
Youth Start Up Kit in Russian.pdf
Youth Start Up Kit in Mandarine Chinese.pdf
Youth Floorball Kit up polska wersja.pdf
Mladi Početna obuka - Bosnia – Herzegovina/Serbia/Montenegro/Croatia Language area

Floorball Start Up Kit

Floorball Youth Start Up Kit.pdf



Download the Special Olympics Digital Coaching Guide here: digitalguides.specialolympics.org/floorball

The Individual Skill Contest (ISC) is developed for the divisioning in Special Olympics Flooorball, but can also be used as a tool for measuring individual floorball skills with for example junior players. The score sheet is used as a tool for evaluating the players´ performance.

Individual Skill Contest (ISC)

ISC 2013_1.pdf

Score Sheet ISC

Score sheet ISC_1.pdf



Peace and Sport Adapted Sport Manual - Floorball
- Basics about floorball and how the game can be adapted for different players, areas and team spirit goals. Available in English and French.

Peace and Sport Adapted Sport Manual ENG

EN_Floorball (electronic version).pdf

Peace and Sport Adapted Sport Manual FRA

FR_Floorball (version electronique)(1).pdf



Floorball Highlights Video

Floorball Highlights




Information form for International Matches and Request of Referees

Information of International Matches and Request of Referees_2017.xls
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