Transfers of the week - Garcar, Krzywak, Lax and Falkeid

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Transfer of the week - Tokos, Rajeckis, Doza and Bischofberger

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Transfer of the week - Sebek, Enenkelova, Meyer and Rantala

Transfers of the week this June are national team players Daniel Sebek (Czech Republic), Veronik... — 21.6.2017

PLAYER Transfers


International player transfer period is from 1st of May to 31st of December.

An International transfer must be done when a player transfers from a club (the giving club) in one nation which is a member of the IFF, to a club (the receiving club) in another nation also member of the IFF.

A transfer shall be carried out on the official IFF Transfer Form.

More Information and detailed instructions available here.


Temporary play transfers can be made during 1st of May - 31st of August.

Test play during pre-season is allowed and the players have the possibility to test play in another club than the one that owns the players contract during pre-season in International Elite Club Tournaments. This is done with a Temporary Play transfer.

More information and detailed instructions available here.

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