Permission to use oversized sticks

The IFF Material Board has in its meeting decided to continue the use of the extra-long sticks for the seasons 2017-2019. T... — 10.7.2017

The permissions to use the over-length sticks, from the season 2017-2018 on!

Player Nation Brand
Matias Keskitalo Finland Fat Pipe
Mika Savolainen Finland Exel, Oxdog
Eemeli Salin Finland Fat Pipe, Oxdog
Pedram Masumi Finland Fat Pipe
Juuso Kettunen Finland Fat Pipe
Lars-Erik Sikkeland Norway Fat Pipe
Jamie Koller Switzerland Fat Pipe
Tapio Kinnunen Finland Fat Pipe, Exel
Mikko Leinonen Finland Fat Pipe
Miro Anttila Finland Fat Pipe
Miro Krykov Finland Fat Pipe
Yannick Jaunin Switzerland Salming
Santeri Heinonen Finland Fat Pipe
Jukka Voutilainen Finland Fat Pipe
Lukas Hediger Switzerland Fat Pipe
Ismo Kokora Finland Fat Pipe
Jari Miettinen Finland Fat Pipe
Sven WyssSwitzerland Fat Pipe
Elmeri Kryssi Finland Fat Pipe, Exel
Adrian Hiram Sweden Zone
Samuli Malinen Finland Exel, Fat Pipe, Oxdog
Arttu Annala Finland Fat Pipe
Konsta Tykkyläinen Finland Oxdog
Andrea Menon Switzerland Fat Pipe
Aaro Astala Finland Oxdog
Jussi Huuskonen Finland Fat Pipe
Alexander Nyman Finland Oxdog, Fat Pipe
Juuso Saarinen Finland Fat Pipe
Joel Paasolainen Finland Fat Pipe
Janne Jankkari Finland Fat Pipe
Olli Ruotsalainen Finland Fat Pipe, Oxdog, Exel
Lauri Viitala Finland Exel
Viktor Eriksson Sweden Exel
Ville-Matti Saviniemi Finland Oxdog, Exel
Axel Hedman Finland Salming, Fat Pipe
Mika Hietamäki Finland Oxdog
Arttu Suontausta Finland Fat Pipe
Miro Lehtinen Finland Oxdog
Emils Dzalbs Latvia Fat Pipe
Mikko Rajatsalo Finland Fat Pipe
Luukas Lahtinen Finland Fat Pipe
Rasmus Rivasto Finland Fat Pipe
Ramon Michel Switzerland Unihoc
Fabian Moser Switzerland Fat Pipe
Kimmo Rantamäki Finland Oxdog
Jaakko Rintala Finland Fat Pipe
Kenneth Brook United Kingdom Zone
Roope Shnoro Finland Exel, Oxdog
Fredrik Holmvik Norway Zone
Thomas Joutsikoski United Kingdom Oxdog
Niko Mäkelä Finland Fat Pipe
Joona Auronen Finland Oxdog
David Grabow Sweden Zone
Filip Lindwall Sweden Zone
Anssi Kivistö Finland Fat Pipe
Joonatan Veijola Finland Exel
Matias Sucksdorff Finland Fat Pipe
Oscar Eriksson Elsfberg Sweden Exel
Simo Kettunen Finland Exel
Sami Silvan Finland Oxdog
Manul Rüegg Switzerland Unihoc
Robin Redlund Sweden Unihoc/Zone
Samuel Ottiger Switzerland Exel
Christoph Camenisch Switzerland Unihoc/Zone
Juho Airola Finland Fat Pipe
Jesse Aittala Finland Fat Pipe
Mikko Hautaniemi Finland Fat Pipe
Santeri Talja Finland Exel, Oxdog

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