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10th Men´s U19 WFC 2019 QUALIFICATIONS

EUR2 qualification group

29th August - 2nd September 2018
Bolzano, Italy

Germany (11)*
Hungary (13)
Austria (19)
Netherlands (20)
Italy (24)
Great Britain (26)

Match schedule

29.08. 13:00 EUR2: NED MU19 - HUN MU19
29.08. 16:00 EUR2: GER MU19 - AUT MU19
29.08. 19:00 EUR2: ITA MU19 - GBR MU19
30.08. 13:00 EUR2: AUT MU19 - NED MU19
30.08. 16:00 EUR2: GBR MU19 - GER MU19
30.08. 19:00 EUR2: HUN MU19 - ITA MU19
31.08. 13:00 EUR2: GBR MU19 - AUT MU19
31.08. 16:00 EUR2: GER MU19 - HUN MU19
31.08. 19:00 EUR2: ITA MU19 - NED MU19
01.09. 12:00 EUR2: HUN MU19 - GBR MU19
01.09. 15:00 EUR2: NED MU19 - GER MU19
01.09. 18:00 EUR2: AUT MU19 - ITA MU19
02.09. 09:00 EUR2: GBR MU19 - NED MU19
02.09. 12:00 EUR2: HUN MU19 - AUT MU19
02.09. 15:00 EUR2: ITA MU19 - GER MU19


1.HUN MU1900000-00
2.GER MU1900000-00
3.AUT MU1900000-00
4.NED MU1900000-00
5.GBR MU1900000-00
6.ITA MU1900000-00

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Goalkeeper Statistics

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Other Regional Qualifications

A total of 26 teams registered for the 10th Men´s U19 World Floorball Championships to be held in May 2019 in Halifax, ON, Canada. In the qualification events, New Zealand will be competing for the first time in this category and Russia will be returning after a long break, having not participated in Men´s U19 since 2011.

A total of 16 teams compete in the Final Round in two separate divisions. In A-division, there are 8 teams who are all directly qualified based on the results from U19 WFC 2017 . In B-division, there are also 8 teams - one (Poland) qualifies directly based on the 2017 results and two (Canada & USA) qualify directly based on regional representation. The remaining 5 places are decided through the qualification events.

Based on the IFF regional quota system three teams from Europe will qualify to B-division. 12 European teams are split into two groups and every team plays each other once within their group. The top team from each group will qualify to the Final Round, as well as the best overall 2nd placed team.

EUR1 - Russia
The other European qualification event will be held in Moscow, Russia from 5th - 9th September.

Estonia (10)

Slovenia (17)

Spain (18)

France (22)

Belgium (23)

Russia (27)


The Asia-Oceania qualification event will be held in Wellington, New Zealand from 27th - 29th September 2018. Based on the IFF regional quota system two teams will qualify to B-division from Asia-Oceania.

Australia (12)

Japan (16)

New Zealand (-)

* Numbers in brackets show current rankings. Teams marked with (-) are competing in their first Men´s U19 WFC event and will receive a ranking at the completion of the tournament.

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