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Latvia v Slovakia Internationals

Men & Men´s U19 Tournament
22nd - 24th April 2016

Koceni Sports Club
Koceni, Latvia

Latvia M
Slovakia M

Latvia M (B)

Latvia MU19
Slovakia MU19

Match Schedule
22.04. 17:00 LAT v SVK U19: LAT MU19 - SVK MU194-5
22.04. 20:00 LAT v SVK: LAT M - SVK M7-1
23.04. 11:00 LAT v LAT B: LAT M - LAT M (B)6-4
23.04. 14:00 LAT v SVK U19: LAT MU19 - SVK MU195-2
23.04. 18:00 LAT B v SVK: LAT M (B) - SVK M4-1
24.04. 09:00 LAT v SVK U19: LAT MU19 - SVK MU195-5
24.04. 12:00 LAT v SVK: LAT M - SVK M6-0

Standings - Men
1.LAT M330019-57
2.LAT M (B)21018-73
3.SVK M30032-172

Results & Statistics

Standings - Men U19
1.SVK MU19311112-145
2.LAT MU19311114-124

Results & Statistics

Points will be awarded as follows:

Win = 2 points
Lost = 0 points
Draw = 1 point each

Regardless of the result, a penalty shot competition will be held after each match. The winner of the penalty shots will receive one bonus point.

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