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Women´s WFC 2005

Womens 5th World Championships
A- & B-Division
25th of May -5th of June 2005

A-Division Standings

1. Switzerland
2. Finland
3. Sweden
4. Norway
5. Latvia
6. Russia
7. Czech Republic
8. Japan

B-Division Standings

1. Denmark
2. USA
3. Singapore
4. Germany
5. Australia
6. Hungary
7. Netherlands
8. Spain
9. Malaysia

Group A Standings
1.SWE W330036-36
2.NOR W320125-194
3.RUS W31029-272
4.JPN W30035-260
Group B Standings
1.SUI W330016-66
2.FIN W320118-84
3.LAT W31024-162
4.CZE W30034-120

Group A Schedule & Statistics

Group B Schedule & Statistics

Group C Standings
1.USA W321017-105
2.GER W321016-135
3.AUS W310215-162
4.NED W300311-200
Group D Standings
1.DEN W431025-67
2.SGP W422020-66
3.HUN W421120-145
4.ESP W410311-312
5.MAS W40047-260

Group C Schedule & Statistics

Group D Schedule & Statistics

Final Standings

Final Match
05.06. 17:00 Final: FIN W - SUI W3-4
B-Final Match (9th place)
05.06. 14:00 9th place: DEN W - USA W7-4
Bronze Match
05.06. 11:00 Bronze game: SWE W - NOR W15-1
B-Semifinal 1
04.06. 10:00 B Semi-final 1: DEN W - GER W6-1
Semifinal 1
04.06. 16:00 Semi-final 1: SWE W - FIN W2-3
B-Semifinal 2
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Semifinal 2
04.06. 13:00 Semi-final 2: SUI W - NOR W5-1
11th place
05.06. 08:00 11th place: SGP W - GER W4-3 ot.
5th place
03.06. 20:30 5th place: LAT W - RUS W10-2
13th place
03.06. 14:30 13th place: HUN W - AUS W3-6
7th place
03.06. 17:30 7th place: JPN W - CZE W0-4
15th place
03.06. 11:45 15th place: NED W - ESP W8-0

Scoring Leaders All Matches of A-division

1.Johanna EkerothSWE W565112
2.Sara EkstromSWE W58190
3.Hermine DahlerusSWE W57290
4.Petra KundertSUI W57292
5.Jessica EkSWE W44594
6.Tuulia KarvonenFIN W54482
7.Camilla GranelidSWE W53580
8.Johanna EngronningenNOR W54370
9.Amanda WendelstigSWE W53470
10.Karolina WidarSWE W53472

Scoring Leaders All Matches of B-division

1.Marianne MuuriUSA W5104140
2.Stine JensenDEN W693122
3.Lise MunkDEN W6841220
4.Annukka MuuriUSA W565110
5.Karina MadsenDEN W68082
6.Martha QuekSGP W67180
7.Jill QuekSGP W63470
8.Juliane LawsGER W53472
9.Miriam ZimmermannUSA W51675
10.Sandra DirksenGER W56062

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WFC 2005 All Star Team
Goalkeeper: Laura Tomatis (SUI)
Defender: Simone Berner (SUI)
Defender: Paula Jouhten (FIN)
Centre: Karolina Widar (SWE)
Forward: Kaariina Saarinen (FIN)
Forward: Petra Kundert (SUI)

Johanna Ekeroth (SWE)

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